Name: Linduin
Location: outer-midlands
Type: Nation
Capital: ?
Government: Feudal
Ruler: ?
Religion: 95% Lightbringer (Traditionalist), 5% other.
Overlord or High King: Although an independent country - it does owe fealty to Duke Otakar of Salinon who rules all of the Outer Midlands.
Borders: Shares a long border with the evil Elderwood to the East, Barony of Lanton to the west, Great Barrier range to the north, Cuirlann to the south.
Terrain: Mostly open plains with scattered woods
Economy: Farming and herding
Military: Mostly feudal levies serving terms of service ranging from 30 to 90 days. The army consists of about 30% archers, 10% infantry and the rest cavalry of various types (including horse archers).

Linduin is caught in a very bad situation. Flanked by the Elderwood to the east and the Barony of Lanton to the west leaves them in a tough predicament. The evils of Elderwood routinely raid into the countryside. The Barony of Lenton with it's fanatic Follower ruler gives the mostly Lightbringer Linduin no end of troubles. Raiding and counter raiding is becoming a serious problem.

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