Lik is a large town in the Giantdowns, just north of the Great Barrier Range. It is located a week's journey east of Starven through the Murk and a 2 day's journey south of Bremen.


The city was governed for over two centuries by Rescartes Inu. When Nasoj took over the city, he established a magic portal between Lik and his capital at Nasojassa, for transporting ore.

In 707, after the disastrous Winter Assault, the town elders of Lik declared their independence from Nasoj, declared their fealty to Lilith, and with her army destroyed the portal to Nasojassa. They also took in surviving members of many Lutin tribes, who in turn gave them knowledge of the area, boosting their prosperity.

On May 18, 708 Carcarak was hurled through a portal in the Hells and lands in and destroys Lik, leaving a crater and a scar of magic. The region will forever have a warped reality where magic itself is skewed. Some examples include: small floating islands tilted at 45 degree angles, with their own gravity; strange mutations to any creature poor and desperate enough to try to settle there; freak weather and unpredictable fluctuations in normally reliable magics.. Strange pieces of rubble, made out of an unknown, stonelike material, shaped like pieces and fragments of arches or bridges, but not quite in phase with the Prime plane of reality and neither pleasant nor particularly safe to be around due to much stronger reality-warping in their proximity.


A source of true wealth for the north, this community brings precious stones from the earth upon which the city rests – it is in essence one huge mine that is changed into living space as veins play out. Forays also go into the surrounding mountains to pan, mine, or just pick up other precious stones.


There are 3000 people living in Lik, primarily humans and a few giants. There are several surrounding Lutin tribes, but relations with Lik are good enough that they leave Lik alone almost entirely.


Lik's defenses consist of caverns and stone walls.

When he ruled Lik, Nasoj had a sizable garrison in Lik, 1000 strong, under the command of a loyal general. These members of the garrison also worked among the mines as both laborers and escort groups into the mountains. He also had a small but powerful band of mages loyal to him in the city, as well as a means of traveling personally to and from Lik almost instantly, to further quell any uprisings.

After the revolt against Nasoj, the people of Lik received assistance from Lilith's forces, including Draconians, who now continue to maintain Lik's garrison against Nasoj.

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