Name: Laselle
Location: northern-midlands
Type: City-state
Capital: Laselle
Government: ?
Overlord or High King: Duke thomas of Metamor Keep.
Population: 2,000 to 2,500 people.

Important Facts:

Crossroads town, river flows through it. West Road to Menth at the Sea of Stars. East Road to Midtown, then ending at Medalia. South Road vanishes into Tearmann Marsh.

The City of Laselle itself is decently if unimaginatively laid out. It’s city walls were square with a gate on each of its four walls. The western wall hugged close to the river that brought so much trade. The western road left the western gate and crossed the river on an overly grandiose bridge of stone. It then ran arrow straight to the sea of Stars. The four roads themselves were old empire construction and have stood up to the centuries well.

Sitting at the mouth of the Metamor valley meant that as many times as the valley had been invaded and destroyed, so had Laselle. It has left all of its citizens a touch paranoid and its walls are tall, thick and studded with many towers.

Places of Note:
Lionar School of Architecture: The city is most well known for the Lionar School of Defensive architecture. It's graduates are well known for building fine castles, fortresses and city walls. Their motto: "You want it to last, you build it Lasellian."

Victory arch of Emperor Tigallinus Cavarilli: This massive 4 arched victory monument sits in the center of town. The North-south and East-West roads intersect underneath it. Well over one hundred feet high it commemorates the empire's conquering the area around it in -570CR.

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