Jolly Collie

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Description: Inn 4 stories tall (5 with a full attic), with a full stone lined basement
Location: Euper, on the main square

The Jolly Collie Until the Yule tide attack was a three story inn stood on one side of the town square. It was leveled to the ground in the fighting and only recently has it's reconstruction been started. It is notable in that is own by Misha Brightleaf. Now rebuilt in stone with thick, oak gates sheathed in iron. It is something of a small fortress in it's own right.

Detailed Description
The first floor holds a stable with a hayloft. Also it has a large common room that can hold 100 people easily.
The basement is stone lined and holds kegs and barrels of food and liquor. Enough to withstand a siege for a month. And there is secret, underground tunnel that leads to a small house on a side street.
Manager/innkeeper - Jimmy, TG

Female - Muscled but not overly so. Very skilled
Stallion -
Female Badger for another bouncer

Bartenders is a woman
Black bear waitress
A kangaroo rat
age morph boy
age morph girl
Stablemaster - a female wild horse
A good idea so throw in a horse, a zebra and a tarpan A mule deer Doe on the staff somewhere

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