Great Barrier Range

Name:The Great Barrier Range
Type: Mountain range
Location: Stretches across the entire continent
Borders: West: Dragon mountains; East - Great northern Desert, North: giantdowns & Northern Waste, South: the entire Midlands.

This mountain range cuts completely across the continent from west to east. It is extremely high and cannot be crossed at all in any way other then by flying over it. There are only two known passes through the range. 1) Devil's pass in the extreme east that leads to the Great Northern desert, 2) Metamor Valley.

Flora and Fauna: Almost none. Little grows or lives there as it is covered with ice and snow all year round and what does not have ice and snow is bare rock with only moss and fungus. There are legends of hidden valleys but they have not been confirmed. The only known inhabitants are the Binoq (see below).

For a real world example think of the Himalayan mountains.

binoq - they represent the one of only two known inhabits of the entire mountain range. Little is known about them as they have almost no contact with anyone. They have only 1 city: Qorfuu.
Nauh-kaee - Even less is known of the race of white gryphons known as the Nauh-kaee. They make their homes in the many crags and mountain peaks, and do their hunting in the lower passes where animals roam. The are in possession of the world's only known air ship, Nak-Tegheki, which in their tongue means "The Sky Leaving", which was built for their protection in days of yore by the Åelf. They have no cities but they do have holy places.

For a real world example think of the Himalayan mountains.

Notable places:
qorfuu - the only known Binoq city.

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