Official Name: Flatlands but also referred to as The Great Northern Steppes.
Geography: Low rolling hills covered with grass and scattered meandering rivers. Like the great plains of the North America before the European settlers arrived and the endless grasslands of Asia - the Mongolian Steppe.
Location: Southern portion of the Northern continent.
Government: Population consists of self governing nomadic tribes in loose alliances.
- Western Border: Southern Midlands
- Northern border: Outer Midlands
- Southern Border: Pyralian Kingdoms , Holy Land & Desert of Dreaming
- Eastern border: Great Eastern Range.
- Magyars
- horse nomads

- doltatra

Description: Described in the story "Questioning", by Charles Matthias: ""A vast empty land of meandering rivers and low hills, wide grasses, and few scattered towns. Horses roamed freely, as did overlarge donkeys called Assingh. Nomads followed the herds as if they were seeking permission to join them. To the Southeast, the grasses dried out into the sands of the Holy Land and the Desert of Dreaming. To the North, the land grew cold until they reached the Sylvan mountains or the mysterious Åelfwood. To the East, the Great Eastern Range rose unannounced from the Earth. And to the West, the river held back Pyralis in the South, while the Steppe bled into the Midlands in the North."

The single most abundant plant life in the area is grass. Over 3000 separate varieties of grass are known and estimates speak of at least a thousand more still to be discovered. In addition over 1000 varieties of weeds and flowering plants are known.

4 breeds of horse are known to live here although the nomads claim there are dozen separate ones. Also the overlarge donkeys called Assingh thrive here. Other known herd animals are several species of gazelle, antelope and a species of wild cattle. Also prairie dogs and other members of the rodent family flourish here.

Known predators include lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, jackals & hyenas in the warmer, southern areas. Wolves & cougars in the cooler, northern areas and with coyotes all over. Also several varieties of snakes (at least 1 is highly poisonous) are native to the area.

Mountains: None- it's all flat! The most they have are low, rolling hills.

Rivers: There are countless rivers and streams that meander through the area. Most are small and some only exist in the wet season (spring and fall).

Forests: None - no trees although there are some in the few scattered settlements.

Unusual Flora and Fauna:
Several prides of Werelions and several packs of werehyenas ( see lycanthrope for details) are known to inhabit the area. Rumors speak of a breed of Werehorse but that has not been confirmed.

Blood Horses:A nomad tale speaks of a breed of blood thirsty, carnivorous horse but the tales have not been confirmed.

Death Grass: Nomadic legends speak of a variety of carnivorous grass that actually attacks and kills the unwary who get too close. Also an unconfirmed legend.

Stinging Grass: This grass has been confirmed as truly existing. This variety of grass exudes a contact poison that stings anyone touching it. Not deadly but guaranteed to keep all but the most persistent grazing animal away. Oddly enough the grass has several medicinal uses including a form of tea (which must be prepared a special way)!

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