Name: Estravalle
Type: medium sized town with Caravansi
Population: ?
Location: Eastern Sathmore empire, close to the Sathmore mountains.
Leader: Lord and Lady Kelleran
First Appearance: Matters of Faith

The town itself was nestled along one side of a small valley formed by a line of long tall hills, the first fingers of the Sathmore range. A deep river ran down the length of the valley, forming a modest lake at the foot of the small town, then continuing on out into the rolling hills to the North. The river was far too wide to ford, and so merchants traveling the foothills road had to use the bridge in Estravalle. So it naturally became a waypoint for merchant caravans of all varieties.

The centre of the town was dominated by a huge caravansary; a sprawling plaza of rough hewn granite flagstones. Around three sides were open fronted covered buildings large enough to shelter even large wagons. At the end of the northern wing was a livery, and the southern wing terminated in a resupply warehouse. Two large wainwrights’ barns sprawled further up along one wall of the valley, smaller farrier and blacksmiths shops scattered about in their shadows. Houses and other dwellings were scattered further up the flanks of the valley, surrounded by large gardens and fields. The rear centre of the plaza was dominated by the entry of an inn that towered three stories over the plaza, large enough to house the entire staff of more than one caravan.

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