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Name: Elvquelin
Location: sathmore-empire Outer Midlands
Capital of the sathmore-empire.
Population: 40,000 - 50,000?

Working description: It is grand, pretentious and old. The streets laid out to some pattern - perhaps arcs centered on the harbor. Or circles centered on the palace. Or both. It must have a large palace complex, a temple area (a large one) and an area for the Arenul Ceen. Also other buildings and the like for all the departments and groups a large government would attract.

Defenses: A large and elaborate city wall. Actually 2 lines of walls one behind the other with a nice, wide, deep moat.


  • Cordatrann - Temple district
  • Enedh Uin Ardhon - Palace district
  • A district for the upper level of nobility
  • All cities (in stories and RPG's at least) have a run-down crime ridden area. Usually down by the docks.
  • A market district with several markets.
  • Grand Bazaar: It is a huge, multistory covered market said to be home to over 3,000 shops. A grand structure of granite and marble over two hundred years old. Believed to be one of the largest on the planet.
  • Lots of monuments and statues commemorating past glories

Politics: Is there a town hall (or some elaborate sounding name) or is it all run from the palace?


  • Caras Tiris (City Guard) - based off old Suielman Vigilia a combination of police and fire department
  • Cornya Harma A customs & taxes group - the name literally means Money Gatherer

Important Places

  • Enedh Uin Ardhon - Palace district - In the center of city. The title literally means (Roughly) Center of the World.
  • Palace Complex - The palace complex is at the center of the city (literally). Surrounded by a tall, thick wall with only 4 main gates (north, south, east and west). there are an unknown number of smaller gates and doorways. All well guarded.
  • Cordatrann - Temple District - Near the palace
  • Osto Nolme HQ of the arenul-ceen - near the palace
  • Outer Harbor - Large, outer harbor
  • Inner Harbor - Smaller, inner harbor
  • Aqueduct At least 2 aqueducts and countless deep wells supply water to the city's people and the many fountains.
  • Barraca - Army/Military Barracks complex
  • The Arsenal - A large structure dating back to the Suielman empire. It is a massive weapons factory/repair center. Also nicknamed The Fabricae.
  • Navy base - perhaps on small island in harbor
  • Leviathan
  • Victora Momentia Purgentia: - A massive victory monument celebrating the Emperor Mercatius' conquest of Purgenti. Few remember Mercatius or even where Purgentia is.
  • Theater: A large granite and marble structure capable of holding 3 to 4.000 people at a time. Built by the Suielman in -325CR and much modified, expanded and rebuilt over the centuries.
  • Amphitheater: A large structure capable of holding some 9 to 10,000 people at a time. Built by the Suielman in -158CR but heavily modified and expanded since then. It will remain the largest amphitheater in the world till 1348CR.
  • many buildings to house all the government departments
  • Large and elaborate sewer system - preferably complex enough for characters to walk around and get lost in.
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