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Name: Elvquelin
Location: sathmore-empire Outer Midlands
Capital of the sathmore-empire.
Population: 75,000 - 100,000?

Working description: It is grand, pretentious and old. The streets laid out to some pattern - perhaps arcs centered on the harbor. Or circles centered on the palace. Or both. It must have a large palace complex, a temple area (a large one) and an area for the Arenul Ceen. Also other buildings and the like for all the departments and groups a large government would attract.

Defenses: A large and elaborate city wall. Actually 2 lines of walls one behind the other with a nice, wide, deep moat.


  • Cordatrann - Temple district
  • Enedh Uin Ardhon - Palace district
  • A district for the upper level of nobility
  • All cities (in stories and RPG's at least) have a run-down crime ridden area. Usually down by the docks.
  • A market district with several markets.
  • Grand Bazaar: It is a huge, multistory covered market said to be home to over 3,000 shops. A grand structure of granite and marble over two hundred years old. Believed to be one of the largest on the planet.
  • Lots of monuments and statues commemorating past glories

Politics: Is there a town hall (or some elaborate sounding name) or is it all run from the palace?


  • Caras Tiris (City Guard) - based off old Suielman Vigilia a combination of police and fire department
  • Cornya Harma A customs & taxes group - the name literally means Money Gatherer
  • Arenul Ceen

Important Places

  • Enedh Uin Ardhon - Palace district - In the center of city. The title literally means (Roughly) Center of the World.
  • Palace Complex - The palace complex is at the center of the city (literally). Surrounded by a tall, thick wall with only 4 main gates (north, south, east and west). there are an unknown number of smaller gates and doorways. All well guarded.
  • Cordatrann - Temple District - Near the palace
  • Osto Nolme HQ of the arenul-ceen - near the palace. The name means Fortress of Knowledge. Located in Enedh Uin Ardhon (Palace district) close to (literally on the opposite side of the street) the palace itself. It is not so much one building as a large, rambling collection of interconnected buildings occupying several blocks. It is known to contain a School, countless laboratories, 6 libraries, 3 dining halls, dormitories and private quarters/apartments for members. The exact age of this complex is uncertain but it's known to have started as a virtut-secturum Way Station. The object of numerous archaeological excavations and surveys over the centuries - these will show the site has a very long history. The earliest remains will be dated to -6,000 CR. Showing the place has been a site of power for a very long time. It rests on the intersection of 5 Ley lines explaining the long history.
  • Outer Harbor - Large, outer harbor
  • Inner Harbor - Smaller, inner harbor
  • Aqueduct At least 2 aqueducts and countless deep wells supply water to the city's people and the many fountains.
  • Barraca - Army/Military Barracks complex
  • The Arsenal - A large structure dating back to the Suielman empire. It is a massive weapons factory/repair center. Also nicknamed The Fabricae.
  • Navy base - perhaps on small island in harbor
  • Leviathan
  • Victora Momentia Purgentia: - A massive victory monument celebrating the Emperor Mercatius' conquest of Purgenti. Few remember Mercatius or even where Purgentia is.
  • Theater: A large granite and marble structure capable of holding 3 to 4.000 people at a time. Built by the Suielman in -325CR and much modified, expanded and rebuilt over the centuries.
  • Amphitheater: A large structure capable of holding some 9 to 10,000 people at a time. Built by the Suielman in -158CR but heavily modified and expanded since then. It will remain the largest amphitheater in the world till 1348CR.
  • many buildings to house all the government departments
  • Large and elaborate sewer system - preferably complex enough for characters to walk around and get lost in.
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