Name: Ellingham
Type: Small village
Population: around 153 people
Location: Metamor Valley

This small, farming community is typical of dozens of similar villages scattered throughout the valley. It's basically two rows of buildings - one on either side of the single road that runs through town. There is a large common or open field in the center where the temple, store, blacksmith and manor are located.

The exact age of the village is unknown but it does show on Seuliman maps created before the valley fell to the empires legions. It is most famous at this moment as the home of Padraic who recently joined the Long Scouts.

It has:
153 people
36 homes (of various sizes)
1 Manor - home of the Cul Dethain family who control not only this village but 4 other nearby ones.
1 Dam and pond to both power the mill and hold fish to eat
1 Mill
1 Temple - dedicated to no one LB god
1 blacksmith - who also farms when business is slow
1 Inn/store - that sells pretty much a little of everything. The owner also farms to make ends meet.

The Rings Located near the manor are 2 circular earthworks on adjacent hills. Local legend says they were fortresses owned by twin brothers. Family legend says they were home to Padraic's ancestors when the Seuilman invaded the valley. One now has a simple curtain wall around it's summit and is used a refuge in case of trouble. Declared a Historic Monument in 990CR they were first excavated by the Metamor University in 1006. It was discovered to have indeed been a Centli fortress and destroyed circa -567 when the Seuilman took the valley.

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