Name: Elderwood
Location: outer-midlands
Borders: Barrier Mountains to the north, Delavia to the East, Linduin to the west, Marigund to the south
Type: Dark forest
Elderwood is a place of great magical power and unspeakable evil. Also home to a dark energy nexus that has corrupted the entire forest. A dark, forbiding forest inhabited by all manner of strange and evil monsters. A person there feels like they are always being watched (and probably are) by a forest that is intelligent and evil. The forest can and will move trees and other obstacles about blocking or removing completely paths. few who enter the woods ever come out alive.

People avoid it at all costs and all the countries around it patrol their borders. Raiders frequently come out of the forest and attack all around it. This has led to the lands around it being empty for some 10 to 20 miles. A worrying problem is that the raids are increasing in frequency and strength.

bold text: Known inhabitants:

For an idea of the feel of the place think of Southern Mirkwood in the Hobbit by Tolkien.

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