Name: Delavia
Location: outer-midlands
Type: Nation
Capital: Vineta
Government: Feudal
Ruler: Baron
Religion: 90% Lightbringer (Traditionalist), 5% Follower, 5% other.
Overlord or High King: Although an independent country - it does owe fealty to Duke Otakar of Salinon who rules all of the Outer Midlands.
Borders: Shares a long border with the evil Elderwood to the northwest, salinon to the east, and marigund to the west.
Terrain: Mostly open plains with scattered woods
Economy: Farming and herding
Military: Mostly feudal levies serving terms of service ranging from 30 to 90 days. There is a small standing army - a recent development (that is copied from Marigund) in response to increased attacks from Elderwood. The army consists of about 30% archers, 10% infantry and the rest cavalry of various types (including horse archers).

Places of Note:
Vineta: Capital city

Delavia is a good country caught in a bad place. It shares a long and troubled border with the Elderwood - a place of evil and a source of constant worries and problems. To the west is Marigund another source of trouble but no where near as deadly as the Elderwood. The borders with the Elderwood are empty of people for a distance of twenty miles. Keep that way by fear of the evil there and by creatures that raid out from there. For a long time the Baron was more worried about Marigund but recently the threat from the woods has begun to occupy more of his time. Patrols are maintained along the entire border.

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