Deaf Mule

This is the only pub in the Keep itself. There are a few in Euper and the town ward but this is the only one in the Inner ward and attached to the Keep itself. It is not actually a part of The Keep but is a large wooden building attached to an outer wall.

It is three stories tall with a large common room, bar, kitchen and several private dining rooms. The upper floors have bedrooms, toilets and at least one, large bath. Also has a large, stone lined cellar.

This is THE place to relax and drink for those who live in the Keep itself and is usually full of people at all hours of the day and night. Owned by Donnie and run by him and his family along with a good sized staff.

During the recent Winter Assault the Mule was looted and badly burnt. Only the heavy snow kept it from being reduced to a pile of ashes. Even so the damage was heavy and it reduced the place to a mere shell. But Donnie has persevered. The destroyed roof was replaced by a large tarp and the ash and burnt wreckage removed.

The furniture is patched together and mismatched but the staff is friendly and the ale and wine cold! The place is a busy as ever! The people drinking and eating as others work around them to rebuild it.

The name: The Deaf Mule is named after the now famous bar in the Blind Pig Universe. The bar tenders even have the same name - Donnie!

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