The Angle

The Angle is the name given to the region of the Southern Midlands that lies on the southwestern side of the confluence between the Southbourne River and the Marchbourne River. It is a fertile region dotted with small villages amid countless farms, but there are no nearby large cities.

Raven traveled to the Angle, her mother's homeland, in the fall of 707 CR, when she received reports of an Ecclesiast priest burning the Lothanasi's laypeople at the stake. She succeeded in getting him arrested and imprisoned under the secular authority of Duke Verdane, the King of the Southern Midlands, thus avoiding the inevitable outrage that would have resulted if the local Lothanasi themselves had captured or killed the priest. Unfortunately, she was unable to prevent the destruction of Bethany by agents who were, in some fashion, apparently associated with the priest — or at least with the same conspiracy that had tried to use the priest as a pawn to destroy Raven.1

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