Capital: Yesulam
Ruler: The Patriarch


Ainador, often referred to as the Holy Land, is bounded on the North by the Flatlands, to the West by the Sea of Pyralis, to the East by the Desert of Dreaming, and to the South by the Splitting Sea. It is the home of the Ecclesia, and those of other faiths must practice them in secret for no other faiths are tolerated in Ainador.

While there are purely civil rulers for each of the three main cities (Yesulam, Abaef and Korazin) and the villages that line the Yurdon river, it is the religious leaders that hold true sway. By and large, the Patriarch and the Bishop's Council do not interfere with the secular rulers. But if a secular ruler were to act against their wishes, they would not long remain a ruler.

The land east of the Yurdon River quickly gives way to desert, and almost no villages are on that side of the river. The northern reaches of Ainador are the most fertile, with farms and pastures spreading west to the sea. Further south, the interior of the land grows dry and ragged and is less hospitable to man and beast. Because of this, no major cities line the coast, as they are accessible only by sea. It is the river that is the true agricultural lifeblood of the land.

Ainador beats with the peal of church bells, and all life revolves around the Ecclesia and its rituals. Cathedrals are grand edifices, and even in poorer districts the chapels bear a measure of beauty. Many places are considered sacred, and pilgrims to holy shrines are an almost daily occurrence. All art and music seen and performed is religious in nature.

Certain rules of conduct such as charity for the poor are enforced. If the land could support more agriculture, there would be very few poor indeed.

The climate is hot in the summers and temperate in the winters.

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