Name: Cuirlann
Location: outer-midlands
Type: ?
Capital: Cuirlann
Government: Feudal
Ruler: Lord Protector Jodocus Ferantelis
Religion: 85% Lightbringer (Traditionalist), 10% Follower, 5% other.
Overlord or High King: Although an independent country - it does owe fealty to Duke Otakar of Salinon who rules all of the Outer Midlands.
Borders: Marigund to the east, Linduin to the north, kelewair and Herstel Forest (in the Southern Midlands) to the west. flatlands to the south.
Terrain: Mostly open plains with scattered woods
Economy: Farming and herding and exportation of salt
Military: Feudal levies serving terms of service ranging from 30 to 90 days. The army consists mostly of cavalry of various types (including horse archers), and some 25% infantry which are an even mix of archers and the rest.

Economy is notable for one unusual thing - Salt. Several deep mines work a thick vein of salt (said to be over a mile thick in places). This salt is the remains of a long dead ocean that once covered the area over a million years ago (but no one knows that fact yet).

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