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Full name: Yesbearn Knights of the Ecclesia
Emblem: Unknown but their arrows are known to have red and black fletching upon black shafts
Leader: ?
Headquarters: Located in Yesulam with the HQ of the Questioners.
Size: ?
Founded: Shortly after 200 CR when Sir Bearn kept Suielman soldiers at bay, sacrificing his life to protect the priests he'd hidden from the soldiers.
Nature of the Organization: The order is dedicated to protecting Ecclesia priests and take a vow that they will sacrifice their lives before they let any harm befall a priest of the Ecclesia. Because of this, the organization works very closely with the Questioners and is often the military arm of the group. At least three Yesbearn will accompany Questioners who are sent on a Questioning, one knight per priest.

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