Writer's Guild

The Writer's Guild is an artistic guild that Charles Matthias helped organize when he first came to Metamor in CR 700. It is dedicated to producing works of literature, preserving older works, and training new writers.

Before its creation, Metamor Keep had an overabundance of writers who wished to write for the court. The new Writer's Guild serves as an intermediary step for new writers. Applicants for the Writer's Guild must complete a story in one day that follows the headmasters' prerequisites.

Writer's Guild members are generally not given specific tasks, but they are allowed to attend the weekly Writer's Guild meetings, where they can share their stories, receive feedback, and participate in writers' discussions. They can participate in writing contests, most prominently for the Equinox or Solstice festivals; each of the three headmasters chooses one of the top three stories to read on the evening of each of the three days. Headmasters of the Guild may also recommend guild members to the position of court writer, with the Duke's approval.

The Writer's Guild Hall is housed in the old barracks along the Keep wall. It is a short but ornate building, with four pug-nosed dog-faced statues at each corner, a marble balustrade along the roof, and an emblem above the front door of a quill pen and inkwell carved out of wood over silver.

The front doors lead into the main hall. Three large tables with parchment and quill accommodate the students, while the headmasters sit in three chairs at the head of the room. A set of double doors in the back leads to a hallway which adjoins each headmaster's office, and to a storage area holding books and scrolls. A small door, usually locked to all but the chief headmaster.

Headmaster Start Date End Date
Charles Matthias 700 CR June 706 CR
Dr Channing ? June 706 CR
Phil ? January 707 CR
Zhypar Habakkuk June 706 CR June 707 CR
Tallis June 706 CR
Nahum January 707 CR
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