The Weathermongers, as their name implies, specialize in weather magic. They are a small mage clan, and most of their members dedicate their lives to studying the weather instead of controlling it. They live in a small city at the southernmost tip of the Algra Hook, where they can study the areas phenomenal weather patterns at their leisure.

For a price, they will send one of their own to assist noble houses with drought or flooding. And if they pay a lot more money, they will even bring violent storms to beseige their enemies.

Their symbol is of a lightning bolt.

The only known weapons they use are staves fashioned from ash struck by lightning. Into these staves they can store enormous electrical charge. A Weathermonger who handles one often enough becomes a conduit for electricty, and can no longer be harmed by it. The drawback is that they also become living lightning rods. This does not harm them, but it makes it difficult for them to hide in a storm, and dangerous for anyone and anything close to them.

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