Virtut Secturum

Official Name: Virtut Secturum
Type: Magical organization - now extinct.
Location: Suielman Empire
Leader: None - extinct.
Emblem: A horizontal, crescent moon with the points facing down over an eye. Below which is three wavy lines interwoven into a complex oval shaped pattern.
First use in a story:
Membership: None
Notable Members: Only 1 known. A tomb uncovered near the Pyralian town of Nivalles had the groups emblem on it along with the name Marciae Salapia. The tomb was unfortunately empty. Looted long ago.
Known locations: Pintia (modern day Marigund), Elvquelin. Pyralis
Suspected Locations: Maractania which encompassed Metamor Valley
Basic Nature: Solid information about this organization is hard to come by as only shattered fragments of records have survived. It seems to have been a group of mages bent in gaining and using magic. Little else is known.
Notable Locations: The group was known to have had locations all over the empire. Each location was known as a Waystation for reasons no longer remembered.
History: This organization of magic in the Suielman Empire. It was destroyed in 175 during the Lutin invasion. It's surviving members went on to form the Cunaha Rede Arenul Ceen and the Marigund Mages Guild.

It's destruction and What is left: Like the empire itself the organization stagnated and eventually collapsed.

The results? Vastly different in different areas.

In Sathmore where power was consolidated in one government all the magic too was co0nsolated. The idea being that the only way to keep the knowledge going was to tightly control it. So it was all brought under a tight control in one central location. One easily defended place. Membership is VERY tightly restricted and the information only grudgingly passed along to others.

In Pyralis they did the direct opposite. Putting all the information in one place just made it too easy to be lost. Sort of along the lines of 'Having all your eggs in one basket'. So the Cunaha Rede is scattered throughout the Pyralian kingdoms. This is so that the loss of any one place won't cripple the entire group.

In Marigund they split the difference. Everything is centrally located (in Marigund) but membership is open to all and the knowledge is freely and openly passed along.

All three do share one goal: the preservation and expansion of knowledge in general and magic in particular.

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