The Twilis Olboskol

Official Name: Twilis Olboskol - Translates as eyes of the Earth
Organization type: Private organization of mages
Primary Location Sathmore Empire
Number of Members: Unknown but believed to be sizable,

Notable Members:
nestorius Was a member of the group but was exiled the Metamor soon after the curse took hold. He subsequently quit. If there has been any contact between the group and Nest is unknown but highly unlikely.

Little is known of this organization and it's motives are unknown. But George described them once as "short sighted and surprisingly foolish." (In the story Plain and Simple). A description Nestorius agreed with. It has many powerful mages in its ranks but the groups power is seriously undermined by the petty vindictiveness and astoundingly bad, short sightedness of most of its members.

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