Sorina merchants

Formal Name: Sorina Company of Merchants:
Type: A merchant organization based in Sorin
Location: Sorin Northern Midlands
Real world equivalent: Hanseatic League

A Business guild of the most successful and powerful merchant families/companies of Sorin. Started as a direct competitor to the Hansoran League. Not as big as the League it is still wide spread and has offices/trading posts scattered all over the coast and the Midlands. They do more land based trading than the League. Their caravans find their way all over the Midlands including Metamor.

Menth and Sorin are both in competition with each other for any trade they can especially the trade with Metamor Keep but both are united on one fact. Neither likes attempts by Midtown to dominate the the Northern Midlands. It is not by accident that a road leads straight from Menth to Metamor bypassing Midtown completely. This allows Menth to avoid Midtown patrols and taxes. Even caravans from Sorin routinely use the road (after paying a suitable fee of course). This of course has Midtown upset as they see it as cheating them of their rightful taxes and it keeps them from fully controlling all trade with Metamor. If both cities were to stop feuding and join forces it would make for a very formidable and very powerful organization. A fact that is starting to be taken seriously in both cities.

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