Nasoj's Military

Nasoj's great strength lies in magic but he needs a large army to maintain control.

  • The majority of his army is made up of large numbers of lutins recruited or conscripted from the many tribes that inhabit the Giantdowns. The quality of such troops varies widely. Their loyalty also varies widely but is usually lackluster at best. On the positive side it does result in large numbers and are the backbone of his army. Since his defeat in Winter assault fewer and fewer lutins are willing to serve him.
  • Feudal Levies: Many of the human cities and countries under Nasoj's control owe service to him. This usually takes the form of levies of soldiers and knights that serve for a set period of time. The quality and loyalty of such troops varies widely but is generally higher then that of the lutins. The down side is that there are never enough such troops. Usually only a few thousand.
  • Druzhina: They are Nasoj's personal bodyguards. Fanatically loyal to the mage these people do his dirty work and ensure his orders are carried out. As befitting their status they are the best trained, best equipped and are very well paid. These humans are mages, soldiers and thieves. At the height of his power Nasoj had over two thousand of the Druzhina. But many died in Winter Assault and the aftermath and their current strength is less then a thousand.
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