Mk mages guild

Official Name: Mages Guild of Metamor Keep (?)
Type: An order of mages who reside in Metamor Keep and the valley
Status: 707 to early 708 Barely active or dormant
Official Emblem: ?
Location: Metamor Keep
Membership ranking: ?
Known Headquarters/Base: Mages tower in Metamor Keep itself

All this is still a work in progress and subject to change

Notes (may need correction): After the 3-gates losses, the next guild Headmaster in line of succession kept the guild operating, died after Winter Assault (Yule 706). After WA Kuna seized power as self-proclaimed "Grand Master" and mismanaged it, causing pronounced decline in effectiveness. In late March to early April 708 Kuna was ousted from leadership and Electra elected as Headmaster.

Known members:

  • (Kamau's, still writing)
    • Jesse
    • Nestor
    • Vaughn
    • Kuna
    • Head Master Raughat (deceased after WA)
  • (others')
    • Electra
    • Burris
    • Teria
    • Malisa (member or not?)
    • Rois (?)
    • Saroth (?)
    • Cerulean (?)
    • Nestorius (?)
    • Morlak (?)
    • David Restamar (?)
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