Name: Mintiri
Location: Southern Midlands
Type: Empire, with all power held by the emperor who delegated to provisional governors.
Captial: ?
Status: Extinct. Overrun by the cenetl and absorbed or wiped out.
Real Life equivalent: Hittites.
Time line: Independent government from -3000CR(?) to ? when over run by the cenetl.
First Appearance: Whispers of the Past by Christian O'Kane

Random notes: Violent, ruthless and utterly without any mercy the Minitiri were hated and feared. To the east was the Dûn Fennas
(Now known as the Outer Midlands ) under firm elvish control. There was centuries of on and off hostilities with the Elves with the Mintiri always on the loosing end. This pushed the Minitiri west and south into what is now the Southern Midlands, the arysnia and the Kkarrt empire. There were no less then 20 major campaigns fought in the area over the centuries and warfare of some sort was constant. The empires downfall came with a series of civil wars fought over control of the throne. That coupled with several bad emperors left it too weak to survive when the waves of cenetl invasions came. They were wiped out almost completely, with the few survivors being absorbed into the cenetl.

Magic: Know to have used some powerful magic including Runic Magic. Most magic created and used by them tended to be powerful, brutal and lacking subtlety. One example of their Runic Magic is the spear Tanach Terea; City Slayer. Whose name aptly describes its purpose.

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