Knights Of The Red Stallion

Emblem: A red, rearing stallion on a black background (same as the Duke)

The Order of the Red Stallion is a chivalric order open to both sexes and all species. It is the primary order at the Keep at the moment. Its members are taken from the ranks of other military units at Metamor and trained into Knights. They are independent of the regular military chain of command, answering only to Duke Thomas or Malisa.1 Most are of noble birth, but not all of them. All are highly trained and very tough oponents.

There has also been postulated the formation of a second knighthood dedicated more to Metamor itself and not Duke Thomas directly. Currently there are too few knights outstanding to fill its ranks (Saulius, Andre, and Sir Egland being the only available knights).

Known Members:

Duke Thomas V
Dame Reina DeLaroque (knight)
Dame Valerie ard'Shanna (knight; died in the Winter Assault)
Daria hin'Leon (squire)

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