Kkarrt Empire

Formal Name: Kkarrt
Type: Strong central empire with some feudal elements
Rulers: Called Peraya which translates as Ruler or King.
Location: In what is now the Sathmore Empire and parts of the Southern Midlands.
Capital: Was in Kishesim (Present day Silvassa)
Cities: Coastal city of Kamraya (present day Amuun Sollen)
Real world equivalent: Ancient Egypt.
Time line: Independent government; from -3000CR to around -600CR when it was conquered by the Suielman empire. It survived as a society till around -200CR. They still exist as a fairly common racial subgroup in the Sathmore Empire

Magic: Know to have used some powerful magic including Runic Magic. An example of their Runic Magic is the Five sisters which includes the axe whisper presently held by Misha Brightleaf and the dagger Tchaas-hurti presently held by rickkter.

Description: The Kkarrt are well known as one of the earliest known human civilizations (certainly one of the longest lasting).

Unusual Facts and Myths: The Kkarrt are well known for their practice of mummification of the dead. Their rulers were buried in elaborate tombs containing fantastic riches and very powerful magical protection.

Legends speak of several of the Peraya having great magical power. Several of them are supposed to have been able to change into various animals. One legend says that Peraya Archult III WAS actually a lion that had somehow learned how to change into a human. Serious scholarly research has led many to believe that at least one dynasty consisted solely of werelions. See lycanthrope for more details.

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