Full name: The Karythyri (Name means defender or attacker of the faith)
Emblem: Nine stars in a circle with 1 more in the center above a crossed sword and hammer.
Leader: Pendaran Lennart Bourgault. His full title is Anluthi Nultal
Headquarters: A large compound in Elvquelin near the Lightbringer temples. It holds the palace of the Leader.
Size: Actual size is unknown but believed to be at least 5 -10,000.
Founded: Official recognition was in 235CR. But it was in existence for at least 15 years before that.

Nature of the Organization: The Order of is a Knightly military order that exists in the Midlands. Unlike most knightly orders which are mostly of a social/political nature this order is organized more along military lines and it's members are professional, full time fighters. Although small in numbers their better training and leadership make them a lot more formidable then their usual feudal opponents.

This organization is devoted to protecting and promoting the Lightbringer faith. They are in many ways the same as the Order of the Shields but are devoted to the LB Faith and not Ecclesia. They are almost exclusively found in the Sathmore Empire but there are reports of sightings of them in the Southern and Outer Midlands.


The order is more loosely organized and is divided into different branches. The leader of the order is chosen from the head of each sub order.
Each LB god or goddess has their own branch called an Anlu Dagur (Which roughly means Battle Group). Each is lead by a person called a Kanianlu. Since each Anlu Dagur is based on a different god each one is unique.

Akkala - As a goddess of healing her group is more centered around healing and has few real warriors.
Velena - This group has no real soldiers as fighting runs counter to her ideals.
Dokorath - As the god of Battle and War his group has the largest contingent of soldiers (Almost 75%) and tends to dominate the order.
Artela - Her group is mostly scouts, rangers, hunters with few real regular soldiers. it's member have some really wild and unusual friends and allies.
Wvelkim - This group is unusual in that it has no land bound portion. As a god of the seas this makes sense. They do have some of the finest sailors around. They have members who haven't set foot on land in years and only been at sea.

Most major Lightbringer temples have a garrison of a few of these knights present but small temples might have none at all.

Known Members:

For a real world example see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_order

Known Possessions:
The Order has major compounds/fortresses in Elvquelin, Isenport, Silvassa and Isen. These are less fortresses and more like administrative/training locations but are fortified.
Castle Orlanti: Located in Brokeboat on the border with the Pyralian Kingdoms. The second largest castle the order owns.
Black Ridge Castle: Located in Tullwine on the border with the Southern Midlands. Consists of a small port town and large castle.

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