Fellowship Of The Egg

The Fellowship of the Egg is an organization within Metamor Keep that allows the avians and reptiles of the Keep to meet outside of the normal context of Metamor society. They have a meeting hall in the Keep, evidently provided especially for them by the Keep's spirit, Kyia. It is artificially warmed, even in winter, giving the cold-blooded members a safe place to meet at any time of the year. It also has several nesting areas for those parents who do not have safe places of their own to incubate their children, also warmed to ensure the safety of the children.

The Fellowship is lead by the Brood Matron (Emily from 700 CR), who is advised by a Council, the members of which are elected by the Fellowship at large.

The Fellowship has five central rules which all members are expected to follow at all times:

  • Do Not Speak of the Fellowship to Outsiders (aka 'First Rule of Fight Club')

Members are expected to protect the Fellowship's secrets. The mere fact that the Fellowship exists is considered to be one of the secrets to be protected, even though knowledge of the Fellowship's existence has spread to include Duke Thomas, Raven hin'Elric, and Frs. Felsah and Hough.

  • The Fellowship Takes Care of Its Own

Members are expected to render any reasonable assistance to their fellows in times of need.

  • Raise Not Tooth or Claw Against Your Fellows

Members are not to engage in physical violence with their fellows, with the exception of parents disciplining their children.

  • Respect the Wisdom of the Perch

The decisions of the person chosen to sit upon the Brood Matron's Perch are to honored.

  • The Perch Does Not Honor Blood Over Wisdom

The Perch itself decides who is worthy to sit upon it as Brood Matron, and lineage is not one of the criteria used in the selection process.

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