The Felikaush are a Southlands mage order based in Fellos. The city was founded by the wife of the Mad Felix of Lee, the greatest prophet of the last three thousand years. Every descendant of Felix possessed a prophetic ability to one degree or another. Even the name of the order means 'Sons of Felix'.

Over the centuries, the Felikaush made Fellos a city of learning and created in it the greatest library the world has ever known. In 691 CR the city was destroyed, and with it the Felikaush, but for one of their most talented prophets: Zhypar Habakkuk. This destruction was foretold a thousand years before, and it would presage the final confrontation with the powers of Marzac.

Unlike other Southlands mage orders, the Felikaush did not use a colour-coded system of rank. They were organized more like a college, with various fields of scholarship that any Felikaush could hope to become an elder in with enough study.

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