Cunaha Rede

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Official Name: Cunaha Rede (Literal translation We Endure)
Type: Magical organization with a teaching school
Location: Pyralian Confederation,
Leader: Grobmeister Vincent Notariano
Official Emblem: A brown background with a Gold Griffon on the upper left corner and a red fish on the lower right corner with as lightning bolt on an angle between them in white.
First use in a story:
Membership: Around 3 to 4,000 but exact numbers are hard to come by.
Notable Members:

Notable locations: The various Septs are inconspicuous, blending into the local neighborhood. Often the only openly sign it does belong to the Cunaha Rede is a (very) small sign on the door. Regardless of how low key the Sept might be all are VERY heavily fortified.
Headquarters pyralis Schlusss Cadarnle (means Final Stronghold)
Other locations: Marilyth - called Herzenstein (means Stone heart). Whitestone Tower - Tour Blanche (means white tower), Eldwater, Blackwater, Brekaris, Armuun Soilen, and others.
Description: This is an organization of mages based in the Pyralian Confederation
Basic Nature: Due to the widespread distrust of magic in Pyralis the organization tends to keep a low profile. The various Septs are inconspicuous, blending into the local neighborhood. Often the only clue that it does belong to the Cunaha Rede is a (very) small sign on the door. Still the organization has some VERY powerful members and they are respected for their skills. Even if the neighbors tend to keep their distance.
Organization: Feudal with different specialties divided into different groups called Braemoes. The important divisions are by location. The locations in each different city are called a Sept and is lead by a Senior Master. Locations that do not rate (not big enough) being a Sept are called a House and can have as few as 3 or 4 Masters and Journeyman.

It is a fairly loosely organized with different Braemoes concentrated in different Septs. This means the Cunaha Rede is scattered all over the Confederation and not centralized. This is for 2 reasons. Considering the somewhat confused politics in the confederation every kingdom wants a Sept. Also by being dispersed it means the destruction of one Sept will not spell the end of the Cunaha Rede as a whole. A lesson learned painfully during the Lutin invasion.

Known Septs
Combat: Battle magic. Very popular with veterans and they work closely with the military. These people have access to some seriously powerful combat spells.

Conjuration: The largest and most common Sept as it involves most spells.

Divination: This department attempts to predict the future and also to see distant places and people and the like. A small group but very important.

Elemental: Fire, earth, air, water.

Enchantment: They are responsible for making various magic items such as magic weapons and armor and wands.

Fauna: These study creatures and animal life whether natural, created or magical. These mages are know for their odd collection of pets, guards, companions and friends. It is common to see griffons, lions, cheetahs, bears and all manner of dogs, cats and birds wandering about in their area. Also known for often taking animal shape so that one cannot be sure that lion walking down the hall towards you is a pet or a mage. Of note this Sept is NOT located in a city but has a large farm/ranch located in a forest. It also has 2 smaller Houses.

Flora: This is the counterpart to the Fauna group. They study plant life of all sorts whether natural, created or magical. Of note this Sept is NOT located in a city but is basically a really large farm complex and 3 smaller Houses in various woods/forests.

Household: Specializes in magic involving the home. Things like cleaning a room, keeping a room warm or cold. Very popular with the rich who see having such spells as a show of their wealth. Very popular with the cleaning staff for obvious reasons!

Misc: A catch all for the myriad of unusual magics that exist. Not a true Sept. There are no less than 5 separate Houses each studying some different (and obscure) type of magic.

Necromatic: More tolerated than openly accepted. Most of this department studies methods on how to destroy the undead.

Summoning: They specialize is summoning things whether living or not.

Transmutation: This department is involved with changing things into other things. They have been intensely studying MK curse for the last few years.

Weather: They attempt to control the weather with varying degrees of success. Mostly on a local level. Nothing on a country wide scale but they do keep trying. They are very good at predicting the weather.

Paysan: Means peasant or vassal) - Not really part of the organization of mages but the non-mage employees. Often people who owe a feudal obligation to the Cunaha Rede.
Lehrling: (Means Apprentice)
Jornaler (Means Journeyman or Journeywoman)
Mestre (means Master): A rank only open to full mages.
Ancian Mestre (means Senior Master)
Grobmeister (Means Grandmaster): There is only 1 Grandmaster.

Membership: Membership was originally limited to members of the nobility but recently they have started admitting 'gifted' others. These members do face prejudice but it has not stopped many from raising to the rank of Master. Woman have always been allowed as members but no woman has ever been Grandmaster. Several women have made Senior Master.

School: Only a Master or Journeyman are allowed to teach. There is no organized school per say. To learn a prospective student approaches the Cunaha Rede. They are then tested and interviewed. Then they directed to a Master or Journeyman who is willing to teach them. They then become an Apprentice. Some teachers have only a few students while others have a score at any one time.

One unusual aspect that is unique to the Cunaha is that the potential student must pass a PHYSICAL exam. Proving to be in good health and fitness. And to graduate must show at least a middling ability to use a sword and bow. These requirements do not help with their magic ability but it does make them tough. That requirement isn't as hard as it sounds. Since most students come from noble families they usually have already had some weapons training from their family long before they reach the Cunaha Rede. There are 2 reasons for this training. 1- They live in a society where a person often gains more respect for his swordplay then his knowledge. And second a leftover from the Lutin invasion - if their magic fails or they exhaust their spells they have at least a decent chance to survive in a fight. Few take the idea of being good with a sword seriously. As a matter of fact the phrase "It was down to sword work." means something failed or is close to failing.

History: This organization is a direct descendant of the old Seuilman magical group Virtut Secturum. It was founded in Pyralis by the few members of the Virtut Secturum who had survived the Lutin invasion of 175. It's first few years saw its members heavily involved in helping to beat off the massive Lutin invasion. It earned the organization a reputation for toughness that the group still has.

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