Cokhi Phuong

Official Name: Cokhi Phuong


Type: an order of mages dedicated to the study and use of Automata.
Status: Believed extinct
Official Emblem: gear outline with stylized chrysanthemum inside forming spokes, overlayed with an offset lightning bolt.
Location : Lom Shi'Un
Membership ranking : Unknown
Known creations/members: Unknown but probably in Tarnianiaas (located within Forest of Darkness).
Known Headquarters/Base: Unknown

Little is known of this organization but they created some of the largest and most powerful automatons ever known. It was at its height during the The Dragon War (-1780 CR). That war saw the destruction of most of the automatons and the eventual destruction of the order.

Last known mention of the order is in a lutin document dated to circa -572.

Other automaton guilds:
Amber Order
The Marigund Mages Guild has a small Automatia department that has recently started up.

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