Name: Arysnia the plural is Arysnian
Location: Parts of the southern Southern Midlands and what is now the northern Sathmore Empire.
Type: A collection of city/states under a king.
Status: Extinct when over run by the cenetl but they still exist as a racial/social class in some areas.
Time-line: Around -4000CR(?) to ?

Real Life Equivalent: Assyria - see

First Appearance: Whispers of the Past by Christian O'Kane

This was a group of cities and tribes loosely allied under a king whose strength and control varied over time. Caught between the Kkarrt empire to the south and the mintiri empire to the north meant they were literally caught between the two empires. Repeatedly invaded by either empire and sometimes both simultaneously they somehow kept some measure of Independence. This was only lost when they were over run by the cenetl and later the Suielman Empire. They exist now only as a small social/racial class, mostly in parts of the Sathmore Empire .

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