Arenul Ceen

Note: All this information is still a work in progress and is subject to change.

Naming convention: Seeing as it is the successor to the old Seuilman empire I tend to use latin sounding names or Elvish sounding ones. Comments?

Official Name: Arenul Ceen (Institution of Magic) Commonly called the Institution
Type: Magical organization - A Mage's institution with attached school
Leader: The title is Doyen (which means senior or most experienced) Caranthir V Aegidius, younger brother of emperor
Official Emblem: Silver stallion - rampant (rearing on hind legs facing right), next to that (on the right) is a gold lion - rampant (left), Above them, centered is a gold half moon with a silver star inside the points.
Main Headquarters is in Elvquelin the capital of the Sathmore Empire. It's called Osto Nolme - Which means Fortress of Knowledge. Located in Enedh Uin Ardhon (Palace district) close to (literally on the opposite side of the street) the palace itself. It is not so much one building as a large, rambling collection of interconnected buildings occupying several blocks. It is known to contain a School, countless laboratories, 6 libraries, 3 dining halls, dormitories and private quarters/apartments for members. The exact age of this complex is uncertain but it's known to have started as a virtut-secturum Way Station. The object of numerous archaeological excavations and surveys over the centuries - these will show the site has a very long history. The earliest remains will be dated to -6,000 CR. Showing the place has been a site of power for a very long time. It rests on the intersection of 5 Ley lines explaining the long history.
There are smaller locations in Isenport and Slivassa
First use in a story: Not used in a story but mentioned in passing.
Membership: Exact membership size is a closely guarded secret but it's estimated to be around 2 thousand full members. Membership like everything else in the organization is tightly controlled by the government. There is a long and rigorous application procedure that includes checking a person's family going back 3 generations.
Notable Members: Villarde de Honnecourt, Juanela Turranina, Rustius Tannonius
Notable locations:

Description: The Arenul Ceen is by far one of the largest Mages organizations around. It is government owned and very severely restricts membership and who attends its schools. It has as it's members some powerful people.

Basic Nature: What it lacks in originality it certainly makes up for in sheer size. Still it has a reputation for being stodgy and conservative on everything. It is basically an arm of the government and is treated so. The head of the group is ALWAYS a member of the royal family and closely related to the emperor. In this case he is a younger brother.

Organization: The Arenul Ceen is organized into different Syrini (Departments).
Still needs cool names
Academia: School
Aquatica: Anything dealing with the ocean.
Proelium: Battle or combat.
Dewiniatha: Divination.
Elements: Dealing with the 4 elements of Earth, air, fire and water
Animalia: Fauna. Anything dealing with animal life.
Arboretum: Flora - anything dealing with plant life.
Secondero - (the word means literally secondary or Petty) - Specializes in magic involving the home. Things like cleaning a room, keeping a room warm or cold.
Summonation: Dealing with summoning magic
Trasnewia: Transformation.
Tempasia: The weather.
Staff: A Syrini in all but name. Always drawn from lower class social groups.
Temerea: (Means random) It's a syrini for people who don't fit into any other syrini.

Enemies: Most of the group enemies are the enemies of the Sathmore Empire.
One outstanding enemy is the Marigund Mages Guild. The two groups have been competitors/enemies for a long time. The Arenul Ceen are more then a little resentful of the great fame the Marigund guild has. The differences between the two are wide. The Arenul Ceen are as well organized and tightly controlled as the Marigund Guild is disorganized and loosely controlled. The Arenul Ceen see Marigund as disorganized rebels and amateurs who are sure to cause serious trouble with their meddling. The Marigund Guild sees the Arenul Ceen as stodgy, overbearing and unimaginative. The two are constantly spying on each other and are extremely competitive. The Arenul Ceen honestly do not see how the Marigund guild can achieve such successes with such internal chaos. The Marigund guild is baffled how the Arenul Ceen can achieve anything with such tight controls and lack of free thinking. This had led to skirmishing in the past but the last such fight resulted in a battle that threatened to burn down several square blocks of the town of Mitok. In the aftermath the rulers of both countries were very unhappy and threatened some serious punishments if such a public event happened again (The least of the punishments the emperor threatened involved castration, mutilation AND beheading). Since then both groups have refrained from open fighting but the tension (and the spying) remains.

They do have other very serious threats. It was Arenul Ceen Mages who brought down a group that summoned a fire elemental in Grandyre ten years ago.

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