Amber Order

Official Name: the Amber Order
Type: an order of mages dedicated to the study and use of Automata
Status: Extinct all known members killed
Official Emblem: A broad twisted sash.
Location: The order's 1 known location was a very well hidden fortress located high up on a mountain accessible only from Metamor Valley.
Membership ranking: Unknown. Bolva called himself Primarch which could be a membership ranking but it was also a common noble title in the old Suielman Empire .
Known creations/members: Madog and Omega and bolva.
Known Headquarters/Base:
Only two of the order's homes are known of.
1) They had a location in the city of breckaris in what is now the Pyralian Kingdoms. When forced from the city they took everything. Anything that might have been left behind is believed to have been destroyed by the lothanasi. The exact location is long forgotten and of the buildings they occupied (A Hall, 2 towers and a complex of smaller buildings) almost nothing is known.

2)The second known location of the Amber order is high on a mountain top located on the side of the Metamor Valley. The location was VERY well hidden by some extremely potent spells, making the place invisible - even by people flying close by. It was so well hidden that it remained undiscovered till 707CR when Bolva led Misha and a group there. It was built like a fortress. Inside it was like a palace with towers, buildings, colonnaded courtyards and countless smaller buildings. It also had an extensive system of underground tunnels, rooms and galleries. The only access to the place was up a long and very steep, switchback road that was as well hidden as the fortress itself. Although long abandoned the place is in remarkably good shape. It as of yet has not been extensively explored and what treasures and surprises it holds are unknown. Much of the fortress' magical defenses are believed to still be working and large sections are blocked, locked and trapped. Undoubtedly some VERY nasty surprises await any unwary visitors. Only Madog and Omega have full control of them and unknown to others they are maintaining them.

The existence of the fortress is not public knowledge. The only ones who know of it Are misha, rickkter, caroline and Charles Matthias and a few of the Long Scouts. All of them have been sworn to secrecy by Misha.

Other locations are suspected to have existed but nothing at all is known of them.

Random Notes: Very little is known of the group and only small tidbits of information survive. Madog has only revealed small bits and pieces (usually in passing references).

One known fact is that all members seem to have worn a sash of some sort. Each rank is believed to have used a different color with Amber being the highest rank. Red is suspected to have been the second highest.

Another fact is that the group used guards of all sorts including humans (evidently Omega was one such person).


The order's exact history is unknown. It's believed that when the order's lost library is located there will be at least one volume of history located there. It is known to have flourished for centuries. Records speak of the order's existence in -745CR when they were forced from the town know known as breckaris in the Pyralian Kingdoms . The order's habit of using souls to drive their automatons (even if voluntary) put them at odds with the local lothanasi. Where they went is not known but it is suspected they moved further north. The order is known to have created their fortress home in the Metamor Valley around -560 CR when the Valley was an isolated and just-conquered area.

Downfall: Around - 345CR ?) the order created 2 powerful humanoid automatons which were called Alpha and Omega. One of the mages who is only known as bolva had his soul implanted in Alpha. But he was not satisfied with that and wanted the more powerful omega. There was a falling out with the order over this and he was kicked out. The exact words Madog used in First and Last were "He no Amber mage. Others remove his sash and call him enemy," . Bolva betrayed the Order and attacked the fortress using lutins to take the place. But the order had protected its treasures with spells designed to specifically stop him. So he was unable to get to Omega or any of the other treasures stored in the fortress. He was then forced to wait till Madog reappeared outside the fortress where he could take control. But Madog had matured in the intervening centuries and easily withstood Bolva's control and tricked him. Bolva remains imprisoned under the fortress he helped destroy.

But the order had been slowly degrading over the years before Bolva's betrayal. Their secretive nature (some say openly paranoid) and the inherent dangers of Automaton magic meant there were few mages capable or willing to study it. And those that were usually never passed the order's overly stringent entry requirements. The use of souls in Automatons was banned by Imperial decree and the order was suppressed also limiting the organization's survival.

Other automaton guilds:
CoKhi Phuong
The Marigund Mages Guild has a small Automatia department that has recently started up.

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