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This page was created to highlight the CANON future history of Metamor keep. Many of you are aware or Raven's Metamor City also called MK2K which has it's own link at . I need to confirm that is NOT the canon future history of Metamor Keep. That is Ravens own version. A decision was made some time ago by raven and myself (the MK controller ) to permanently split the two. I do wish him the best on that universe but it is not the way the Metamor Keep universe is going. This page is to give the canon future history of Metamor keep.

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*Hawl Vision*

Metamor Province - 1799 CR - Urban Fantasy/Return Of Magic Storyline

The Accursed Debate There is a debate that remains on-going about whether or not the curse ever actually existed. Some believe that with the skeletal remains of Animal-Human Hybrids and Written Accounts that there is no doubt that the Curse of Metamor was once very real. Others believe that not only is the idea outlandish, but the fact that today's magic can barely change someone's hair color, proves that a permanent curse to that level of physical alteration is just beyond the scope of anything possible. Skeletons of "Keepers" are often believed to merely be Were-Creatures who died in more animalistic forms.

The Golden Age In the days of Lord Erick Matthias and lasting a couple of generations afterward, an Industrial Revolution occurred as magic and science blended, society was truly glorious and enlightened, but it all came to an end when The Metamor Estate had to be buried underground to stop a truly wicked soul that was gaining control of the world's magic. The Golden Age halted and machines just didn't work as well as they used to. Still, the technological advancements were remembered, and put to good use

The Curse of Nasoj: The curse of Nasoj was something that had allowed him to attack Metamor with ease, though it's partially reversal caused his eventual ultimate downfall. The Curse eventually vanished without a trace, aside from written records when Kyia noticed that the magic of the land was being controlled by an as of yet unknown evil being and sealed the curse and the magic of the world in the Keep and buried it underground. Where it rested under the watchful eyes of Pascal, Kyia, The Transblade "Flynn Enroygall", and the tree Laracin. When an excavation team uncovered them. Kyia was able to stop the curse from reaching too far south from Metamor, though it's spread over a wider area than it did back in the old day. Until it was restored the curse was believed to be nothing more than folklore. The effects of a disease that messed with hormone levels, caused physical deformities, and caused stunted growth, that was misunderstood to be a curse. Though the experts were proven wrong when the curse got them. In stories told to children, it was not unusual for the Transgender portion of the curse to be omitted, especially in interpretations made by non-metamorians.

The Downfall of Nasoj: Misha Brightleaf, whose life was prolonged by as of yet unknown means, lead a resistance movement with Lord Erick Matthias against Nasojara, having finally had his fill of Nasoj's evil. He attacked and successfully defeated Nasoj. A magical mirror allowed the curse to be cast upon Nasoj in full force, causing his Age, Gender, and Species to constantly change, never staying the same for longer than a few seconds. His mind destroyed by the force of instincts and the aging and de-aging of his mind. No longer able to recall that she even is Nasoj, her mind is only capable of focusing upon whatever body he inhabits. He remains locked away in a hidden chamber of Nasojara, which is now known as Brightlearia, having gone completely insane.

Metamor Keep/City: the area around the keep continues to grow into a prosperous city covering a good portion of the valley immediately around it. The city is famous for the Magi-Tech advancements made by the Matthias Corporation and has remained free of pollution in addition to very lax in Gender Roles. The younger generation cares far more about them than the older ones. The City is divided into three sections, the wealthiest of them all is Rat's Gate. The Stone Keep was buried under the ground, though recently excavated with.. consequences.

The Matthias Corporation: Has been in the Matthias Family name since 1442 CR, and has a cartoon rat made in the image of what old records state their ancestor Charles, the Legendary Rat Of Might, may have looked like. Charles has remained a beloved icon, though sometimes the non-religious take offense at the decision to include him wearing a Follower Cross. Gunther Matthias has stated that he ignores such complaints. The Follower Community in addition to various Non-Follower Historians have been proud of this decision. The Matthias Corporation invented and pioneered in Magitech which is what today's technology is based on. A combination of Magic and Mathematics that has fueled a massive industrial revolution. Fredericks Matthias The Black Rat gained control of Metamor when a video during his father's will left him as the only one who could prove his identity when the curse returned. The video not only showed him being placed in control of the Matthias Corporation, but also his spontaneous transformation into a black rat. The video was later proven to be doctored and his younger brother Leroy Matthias put forth a project to identify the true mayor of Metamor City, with a project that shows the previous form of any one person.

__Magitech_ Has allowed Metamor to be one of the wealthiest nations on Earth, a real BOOM in it kicks in when magic is unleashed. People begin driving skimmers, Hover Bikes, later the technology is adapted to cars. One that looks promising is the advent of Nanites which are used on TG Victims to restore them to their old sex. Sadly the curse is very strong and the nanites are over written, the form restored to a cursed state. Nanites are both very expensive and only allow a TG Victim to return to their old sex for a short period of time a day. Get creative with Magitech, but don't go too wild, nothing of the level of Zharus from the RIDE Series.

The Sondeckis Once an order dedicated to eradicating evil and keeping Justice throughout the land. Now they take on more ceremonial duties as the declining magic has left even the mighty Blacks as powerful as Yellows. Despite this, being one still has a level of honor and prestige to it and still requires its members to be people born with the Sondeck.

Parade Of Three Gates Before the curse returned it was a Parade had in the Capital of Metamor City held once a year, The First "Gate" would have various children in smaller versions of adult style clothing, formal wear for business types, The Second would be men and women dressing like the sex they weren't, and finally people wearing animal costumes and "fursuits" make up the Third "Gate". And they parade through all three Gates of the town. An honored tradition, one was held a week before the curse returned. No one had any idea it was going to happen. The Parade was mostly done for fun and in honor of Metamor's heritage. In future years after the Curse Returned it became a reminder of the struggles that Metamor would continue to go through and the past they had foolishly allowed themselves to believe was fictional.

Marigund: Marigund city grows larger with the passing centuries until it is again as large as the old Seiulman city. Later the 4 roads will be supplemented by 5 rail lines and a good sized airport.

Laracin: Laracin has been in a calm reflective state of constant meditation which he continues to maintain. Having found a form of enlightenment. He can leave his Tree Body at will now, taking the spectral form of a middle aged man in hunter's trappings or as a knight in armor made of tree bark. It seems to vary on his mood. This tree-spirit may be the one man who knows the full story of Metamor's legacy.

Pascal Q. Porcupine: The Attack from Zyhx leaving her in a semi-solid state had caused her death to become impossible, even if she desired it. She has kept Kyia company for hundreds of years. "It's been fun, but I'm glad to be free. I haven't seen a man who wasn't Laracin in YEARS, or wood for that matter, wood that's again, not Laracin."

Andrew Zernkez Dragoness from the days of Metamor, still lives on.

The Transblade Flynn Enroygall, a living being turned into a shape shifting sword, has been swording around as one of the two male, but inanimate, survivors of Metamor Keep. An important family heirloom for the Enroygall Clan which has been lost to time, and the Enroygalls themselves renamed to the "Vernes"

*LurkingWolf Vision*


With the advantage of magic to technology, and the return of automaton magic through the Brightleaf line, the world experienced an early industrial revolution in the early 1000-1100 range. Several decades of this period were characterized by steam punk technology, due to ability of engineers to combine steam power and magic. While automaton magic was no longer used in the radical ways it was originally, the rune magic was readily applied to making this period more stable, advanced, and profitable than Earth's steam age. Unfortunately, following this age, a series of attempted revolutions against the ruling class by the advancing citizens caused rampant overregulation, strangulation of technological advancement, and a long dark age. This dark age was not as deep as Earth's, but it saw technology stagnate for years after the development of steam power, causing influences from this age to still influence technology to the present day. Current technology is several decades more advanced than ours, while magic schools remain powerful due mostly to its wide spread during the technological backslide.


Surviving characters from the original setting are few and far between. Laracin survives, though he speaks to others only rarely. Other survivors may exist, but they are mainly heard of in fanciful tales, as most are far beyond the reach of mortals. Archmage Adept Murikeer survives, by means unknown, though none have proven his identity in centuries as his mastery of illusions allows him to move about with complete anonymity (until cameras become ubiquitous as technological devices ignore illusions and reveal what they hide). He disappears for decades, or centuries, only to reappear when agents of dark magic gain too much magical strength. He bears with him the ghosts of his wife, the Arch Sorceress Adept Kozaithy, Malger, and Malger's wife Misanthe. They are mere simulacra, however, fashioned from small bits of their souls and cannot make themselves seen or heard to any but Murikeer unless he uses illusions to allow it. He can also allow them to possess him to use their natural talents and abilities as needed.

Misha's Ideas

Marigund: Marigund city grows larger with the passing centuries until it is again as large as the old Seiulman city. Later the 4 roads will be supplemented by 5 rail lines and a good sized airport.


Digitalpotato's ideas

Globalization: Whichever vision is chosen as the canon future for MK, either way, it will be much more common to see people from places like Irombi or Fan Shoar in MK Future. Whether or not any place is second or third-world is up to the authors, but the area around Metamor Keep will become a "first world" country and likely be one of the most progressive in terms of social status such as equality or gay rights. (One thing people owe to Nasoj? He helped bring about those movements.)

Old Writings: Some old writings from the Writers Guild may be lost. However, others may still be found and taught in the future, depending on how well they're preserved.
For Hawl's vision, it's likely that any stories written that were documentation of real life events may be mistaken as fiction because scholars would assume the descriptions are exaggerations. A common theory in this vision would be that since the curse caused deformities, the Keep's writers portrayed each other as animals to make humour out of a bad situation. They'd be proven wrong with the curse coming back, though. However, Laracin is likely to be constantly misinterpreted.

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