Mk Military Units

This page is to describe specific Metamor Keep units and leaders

General Commander - Commands all military units. This position is not filled at the moment and all units report directly to the Duke.

Units specifically mentioned in stories so far are:


  • 1st (Thelenian) archers - An infantry unit.
  • 2nd (Dukes Own) archers - Once a full regiment but now just 2 companies.
  • 4th (light) infantry regiment - Called the Peltists. Unit emblem is a gold javelin.
  • 5th (light) infantry regiment - Nicknames the Griffons. Emblem is a silver rampant griffon.
  • The Dukes Own Household Gaurd - huscarle


  • 1st Heavy Cavalry regiment - Nicknamed the Iron Hooves. Commanded by Andre Maugnard. Heavy cavalry with Lance, Long sword, and plate mail armor and shield. Unit emblem is a dark blue rearing centaur holding a lance on a tan background.

Knights of the Red Stallion knights-of-the-red-stallion

Dame Reina DeLaroque: third-rank member of the Knights of the Red Stallion (mace with crown and stars).


*1st Equitaire company - Under Captain Sobol - it consists of 250 infantry and 100 cavalry and is permanently assigned to Hareford. A mix of cavalry and infantry, they are well trained and experienced. In addition to guarding the walls and gates they patrol the surrounding area. The Equitaire is an odd unit - a mix of cavalry and infantry that is trained to work together. A later generation will call the idea Combined arms.

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