This is an include for displaying Japanese text in a consistent manner across pages.
Syntax example: [[include includes:nihongo css_style=font-size: larger | english=Japanese | japanese_text=日本語 | romanization=nihongo | pronunciation=nee-ho-n-go]]
Example rendered:

Japanese (日本語 nihongo nee-ho-n-go?)

Parameter explanation:
css_style — A string like you'd put in a span tag to adjust the style of the rendered text
english — The english translation of the japanese_text
japanese_text — The actual Japanese text for the word or words you are using this include for
romanization — The romanization of the Japanese text. There isn't an official decision on a romanization standard as of this writing, but this author (Kanmuri) does not like Revised Hepburn… macrons are annoying, hard to type, and leave out important information, IMO.
pronunciation — This is there to help those who don't quite know how to properly pronounce things in Japanese to do so.

All parameters must be included, or you'll get something like {$omitted_parameter_name} in the middle of your rendered text. However, if you do wish to leave an argument off, you may provide a comment (empty or otherwise) like so… [!-- This is a comment, it won't be rendered.--], an empty one would be [!-- --]. This will not be rendered in the final page, but will prevent that first scenario from occuring.

Actually omitting a parameter — [[include includes:nihongo css_style=font-size: larger | japanese_text=日本語 | romanization=nihongo | pronunciation=nee-ho-n-go]] — Note that the "english" parameter is missing.

{$english} (日本語 nihongo nee-ho-n-go?)

Using comments to omit a parameter — [[include includes:nihongo css_style=font-size: larger | english=[!-- --] | japanese_text=日本語 | romanization=nihongo | pronunciation=nee-ho-n-go]]

(日本語 nihongo nee-ho-n-go?)

Known issues: Because of Wikidot limitations, includes have to have a newline before and after them. Because of this, includes cannot currently be used in the middle of paragraphs, for instance.

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