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So, next up is Liturgy of Blood. Two things.

First, the fact that Llyn was sentenced to a month in prison at the end of Llyn's Tribulations, and not allowed to leave the Keep for a year, yet she shows up 3 times in Liturgy of Blood. 1st, to ask Murikeer if he's going to see the Patriarch; 2nd, actually meeting the Patriarch; 3rd, being on patrol (outside the Keep) with Murikeer when the Patriarch dies.

I'm actually okay with Llyn doing all of this stuff. Misha is given command over her, after all, and he's not one to follow the Keep rules to the letter — especially it's the freakin' Patriarch coming to town. Plus, Misha mentions he needs to give some of his Longs a rest, and sending Llyn on a patrol to protect him seems like something Thomas would permit.

At the very least, I propose a guard or two be present during her first two scenes, and some acknowledgement of the special circumstances when Misha is briefing Murikeer and Matthias in chapter 15.

The other issue is Murikeer's presence at Akabaieth's funeral, to memorize so that he can cast an illusion of it at Metamor. In Longing, it is said that Murikeer will have been away from the Keep for at least 3 weeks. But in Getting Away From the Party, he's said to be have been by Llyn's side every day she was in prison, until late October when he goes off to Glen Avery to learn he has an aunt.

Personally, I think Murikeer should stay in Metamor to be with Llyn (and learn about his aunt), than to go south on a sudden weeks-long trip to Whales, even for the Patriarch. And there is an easy solution, because there is someone else in Metamor who can project illusions, who happens to be a good friend of Phil's, and isn't involved in any storylines at this time. He doesn't even need to be on a separate ship to avoid notice by humans.

I propose rewriting the paragraph in Liturgy of Blood's epilogue with Murikeer, replacing him with Gornul.

Again, I welcome any additions or counter-proposals to these ideas.

While I've been working on the summary for Llyn's Tribulations, there's a issue I thought I'd need to bring up.

In part 1, in the scene where Murikeer and Llyn talk, Llyn thinks about "the motivations of the raccoon she had nearly slaughtered four days past". So, 4 days after Dangerous Games, which takes place 1 day after Actions and Reactions, which takes place 2 days after the Stepping Rock raid that Killing Time mentioned was in late August.

So far so good. It wouldn't be "Late September" as the heading says, but it could pass as "Mid September".

In part 3, the scene where Rickkter and Muri meet with Thomas takes place three days after Rickkter first learns about the victims in part 1. It's also said in part 1 that attacks have happened over the past five days. Finally, in part 6, when the spell is broken, the first victim is told he's been out for two weeks.

So far, it's a consistent timeline. If Stepping Rock is Day 0, then Llyn and Muri arrive at the Keep on Day 1, victim #1 is stabbed on Day 2, Kan is stabbed and Rick finds out on Day 7, and Rick meets with Thomas on Day 10. The guards are put on an increased alert, and the spell is broken "two weeks" after Day 2, anywhere from the night of Day 10 to Day 22. (I've come to be very generous, when it comes to characters talking in weeks or months instead of an exact number of days :)

Now the clincher. When the spell is broken, he is also told the day is October 8th. An impossibility — there's no way this date could happen even 22 days after August.

However, there is one "out" I found while reading — the scene with Murikeer and Llyn is not explicitly the same day as when Rick finds Kan's body. No mention is made in the second half of part 1 of the investigation or the victims. They could take place in two separate times. This means the latter half of part 1 would happen no later than September 7th (7 days after the last day of August), and the first half could happen no earlier than September 24th (15 days before October 8th).

There's other supports for a timeline gap: Fakoffal appears at the start of part 1. He refers back to a scene in the Jolly Collie in Daylight Fading where he appeared, which takes place at least a few days after Apologies (Day 4) — therefore, Daylight Fading is on or after Day 6. It's said that Fakoffal has been at the Thirsty Scholar for 3 days, with no other tavern offering them a stay. There is also a mention in part 2 that it's been almost a fortnight since Rickkter and Kayla spent more than dinner together, and "Daylight Fading" is definitely more than dinner. ;)

But I'd rather not say a whole section happens in flashback if that was not the intent.

IMO, there's an even better solution, if Ryx agrees to it, which is to change Llyn's reference from "four days past" to "three weeks past", resolving the timeline gap by completely separating "Dangerous Games" from "Llyn's Tribulations". Then (setting Day 0 to August 30th) "Dangerous Games" happens on September 3rd, victim #1 is stabbed on September 19th, Kan is stabbed on September 24th, Duke Thomas is informed on September 27th, and the spell is broken on October 8th. (And also change Llyn's rescue from "two months past" to "three months past").

Now, I could also suggest the date October 8th be moved back a bit to October 3rd, so that:

  • per the 706 calendar, it's 15 days after September 19th and on a Saturday, more believable to call "two weeks" than the 20 days hard maximum;
  • it gives more space between Llyn's courtroom appearance 3 days later (the chapel is said to still be in ruins for the purposes of investigation), and Liturgy of Blood (the Patriarch arrives on October 11th, per the Dream's Aria stories, and tours the chapel on that day);
  • and so that Llyn is still in prison on October 27th for Getting Away from the Party (if you remember "Liturgy of Blood", you'll see another issue here — but that's another subthread).

But that is up to Ryx.

Any opinions or other solutions?

Mime Field
Mime Sweeper
What's Mime is Yours
Mimed over Matter
Mime Lives
Mime to Five

Re: Title ideas by AmigaDragonAmigaDragon, 02 Aug 2019 00:54

Gopher Broke
Gopher It
The Hang Gopher

Re: Title ideas by AmigaDragonAmigaDragon, 19 Jul 2019 02:12


Re: Title ideas
RimmeRimme 17 Jan 2019 03:19
in discussion MK Discussion / Weaving Fates » Title ideas

Keep Working
Keep Searching
Keep Digging
Keep Singing
Keep Dancing

Bonus: add a second chapter titled "Nobody Gets Hurt" and title the full story like so:

Keep Dancing and Nobody Gets Hurt

Re: Title ideas by RimmeRimme, 17 Jan 2019 03:19

How about a subthread of character names?

Nair Dewelle

Taured and Feathered
Taur Pit
Taur Dee
Taur Get

Re: Title ideas by AmigaDragonAmigaDragon, 19 Nov 2018 08:10

Ah …
Math always confuses me.

Re: Fun with Hexadecimal by MishaFoxMishaFox, 20 Jun 2018 05:45

I'm getting back into the writing groove and I thought that it would be helpful if I shared a few cheats in writing for the tened and Fellowship. In particular their use of hexadecimal math.

0x1 "One"      0x5 "Five"     0x9 "Nine"    0xD "Delt"
0x2 "Two"      0x6 "Six"      0xA "Alf"     0xE "Geth"
0x3 "Three"    0x7 "Seven"    0xB "Ylelkh"  0xF "Zig"
0x4 "Four"     0x8 "Eight"    0xC "Gam"

Numerical Constants
sqrt 2= 0x1.6A09E6
Golden Ratio= 0x1.9E3779
e= 0x2.B7E151
pi= 0x3.243F6A

Multiplication Table
Fun with Hexadecimal by ChrisBradfordChrisBradford, 17 May 2018 21:23

(Yeesh! How did I miss this?)
Early scripts could have easily borne a striking resemblance to cuneiform, and simplified over time to something closer to the Futhark runes. An idea I had for how they wrote down numbers would be a combination of dots and squares in 4x4 grids.

Major rewrite
RimmeRimme 19 Mar 2018 06:02
in discussion MK Discussion / Per page discussions » Curse

Hey everyone! I thought that the Curse page needed a major rewrite, considering that information was spread across both this page and Writer's Guidelines. So I've recompiled everything onto one page and divided them into sections to address every single aspect of the Curse.

Because I'm afraid of coming off as presumptuous, I've kept every word of both articles, and added missing bits of info that I've gathered from various discussions and stories I've seen. However, I have no real idea of how accepted these ideas are, so I've put all my additions in underline. If nobody has any objections, I'll remove them in a week. Eventually, I'd like to clean up some of the old text as well and polish the whole article. But I'd like to hear if anyone has any comments or critiques.

Major rewrite by RimmeRimme, 19 Mar 2018 06:02

A Change of Hart
Hart Break
Hart Breaker

Re: Title ideas by AmigaDragonAmigaDragon, 30 Jan 2018 21:57

I suggest that it depends on how they're cursed. If they're born cursed, they just stop aging at around 9 (varies a bit individually). If they're not born cursed but grow into it, then they revert at puberty to their default age (more noticeable) like anyone else coming into the valley.

Amiga and me have been pondering many things. One idea he came up with was what would their written language be like? He was thinking perhaps Sumerian cuneiform? use their Using claws rather than other tools (usually) if marking in clay or with ink!

Re: Details about the Tened. by MishaFoxMishaFox, 22 Jan 2018 05:15

I had decided myself that the other two curses could show up in children. It doesn't make much sense to me why the curse isn't supposed to effect children; as I recall, the initial reason back then was to sidestep the issue of how children could be effected by a curse that would have turned them into "sex-crazed bimbos".

In my head-canon, TGs do have their gender swapped (and experience some innate sense of wrongness for it), but only gain the ability to shift at puberty, and even then most of them rarely use it because of how uncomfortable it is (although some are more gender-fluid and sex-positive than others — not that medieval peasants would have the vocabulary for that).

ARs are trickier, though, because in most of the stories I read with them, they tend to present themselves at age 12 to 15 — about the time the curse manifests, which would seem to suggest that it just stops their aging process. The only other story I knew with an AR main character was To Snare a Rabbit, where the AR lead character stayed as a ten-year-old, though I had taken that as a preferred form rather than a default one, similar to Goldmark always being in near-feral form. I was thrown when I was reading elsewhere on the wiki about a default age of 9; this rose the question of whether the curse hits them at their default and stops their aging, or whether it reverts them at puberty to their default.

Re: How the curse effects ARs by RimmeRimme, 21 Jan 2018 20:47

As I see it, like the animal form, children of two TGs might be born already cursed, never knowing the change (seeming immune). Mages might be consulted to check human born children for an active or dormant curse condition. (Though at what cost?) If ARs are born cursed, they might not reach the normal puberty stage reverting a few years, instead stopping their aging closer to 9. Though this would depend on the AR parents getting their age pushed up long enough to get pregnant (the pregnancy holding the mother's age until birth).

Ah. Ok. I am still a bit confused. But once the curse takes effect a person can shift - looking older or younger at will.

Re: How the curse effects ARs by MishaFoxMishaFox, 10 Jan 2018 02:55

I understand that some kids are born with the animal curse if either of their parents have the curse. And Cat and Mouse suggests it's possible for animal kids to shift. What I'm curious about is two things: if this also applies to TG and AR parents towards kids, and if cursed TG and AR kids are also able to shift.

If I don't hear anything conclusive, I'll assume it's possible but it depends on the individual. Just wanted to know if there were any pre-existing examples to look at.

Re: How the curse effects ARs by RimmeRimme, 10 Jan 2018 01:24

More details: Misha and Caroline's children will be Born a fox a otter or a human (and be effected by the curse at age 14).

Re: How the curse effects ARs by MishaFoxMishaFox, 10 Jan 2018 00:51
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