Winter Assault

Since his defeat at the siege that would come to be called 'The Battle of the Gates' the arch-mage Nasoj has worked to once again attempt to conquer the troublesome valley that barred him from extending his reach into the rich lands of the southern kingdoms.

In the year 706 he began to marshal the manpower and magic that he had been working to set in place for the past half decade. He extended his command over the Lutin & Giant tribes within his kingdom and set them to laying the groundwork for his advance.

In Caralore one of his more powerful magical artifacts was lost to a spy from Metamor Keep.

On the tundra between Nasoj's stronghold and Metamor his forces were halted when a road conveying massive rolling siege towers was destroyed by other agents of Metamor.

Having massed huge numbers of troops, gathered in as many mercenaries and mages as he could buy or bully, he could not simply let them go because a few lynchpins of his campaign were destroyed. Rather than striking during the more favorable summer season he held his forces back, knowing that there would be one day where, with careful planning, he could strike against Metamor when its defensive forces would be at their lowest.

So it was that, on the Yule night when the population of Metamor Keep celebrated the various rites of their faiths at the passing year, Nasoj sent his forces under the cover of a magically created blizzard to assault the Keep.

And, for almost a week, he succeeded where he had failed in the Battle of the Gates; his forces had seized the Keep. Dark mages were sent forward to limit the Keep's ability to change itself while Lutin hordes scaled the northern wall. An assassin poisoned the guards at the southern gates and that avenue, as well, was opened while Euper itself came under attack.
Other forces were also in play, kidnapping Duke Thomas for a time.

Through heroic efforts, and very little sleep, the denizens of Metamor fought back with the tenacity of a badger pushed into its den. Shortly before the turning of the new year they threw back the siege, retaking the Keep. With assistance from outlying vassals of Duke Thomas coming to their aid the hordes were pushed from the valley entirely.

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