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A general timeline of MK history timeline

Index of Historical Events

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Creation Myths
The Lost Kingdom, ca. -15,000 CR
The War Against the Titans, ca. -14,000 CR
The Purge of the Necromancers, ca. -12,000 CR
Yajakali, Jagoduun and the Nine Who Fell, ca. -11,000 CR
Humans immigrate to Galendor, ca. -9000 CR
The Coming of the Great Darkness, ca. -5000 CR
The Decline of the Elves, ca. -4900 CR to -1000 CR
The Dragon War -1780 to -1776
Rise of the Suielman Empire, ca. -875 CR to 0 CR
Lucien and the Founding of the Lothanasi, -800 CR
The Human-Elf War, -559 CR to -549 CR
Monotheism: The Rise of the Way, 0 CR to 300 CR
Sathmore and Pyralis: The Empire Divided, ~30 CR to 305 CR
Invasion of the Midlands and the Fall of the Suielman Empire, 150 CR
Liberation of the Midlands, ~230 CR
Metamor Reborn: Rise of the Jewel of the North
The Burning : Marigund Civil War
First Invasion by Nasoj, ~689 CR
The Fall of Arabarb
Second Invasion: The Battle of Three Gates, 699 CR
The Schemes of Lord Loriod, February - April 706 CR
Rivalry with Lanton
The Death of Patriarch Akabaieth, October 706 CR
Third Invasion: The Winter Assault, December 706 CR
The Harvest Festival, Autumn Equinox, September 707 CR
The Corruption of the Mind of Lord Thomas, Winter 707 CR
The Northlands Campaign, Summer & Fall 707 CR
The Defeat of Marzac, December 707 CR
Fallen Snow, February 708 CR
The False Plague, March 708 CR
The Elvquelin Raid, May 708 CR
Lutin Peace Treaty; Summer Solstice, 714 CR

Calendar of holidays and celebrations, Yearly

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