Peace Of The Horde

During the winter and spring of 714 CR the northern patrols began to notice a rapid decline in the number of Lutin raids. The previous summer had also seen a decline, but nothing nearly as noticeable. News drifting out of the north spoke of some new war chief gathering the Lutin tribes to himself, but no news as to the identity or intentions of the Lutin could be found.

In late June of 714 a massive legion of Lutins marched to the great wall separating Metamor from the Giant Downs, observed by the winged sentries manning that wall. The Lutins encamped some distance beyond the wall, out of siege engine range, and did not appear to be readying an immediate assault. The city of Starven was harassed, but not attacked, and forced to withdraw itself out onto the lake. Anyone approaching the Lutin lines was harassed back by Moon Dogs but not attacked.

A message was brought out and given to one of the sentinels, to be carried to Duke Thomas, requesting the presence of two notable members of Metamor Keep.
Murikeer the mage and Misha the Long Scout. Not the Duke, though he would attend perforce.

When these three arrived they were asked to parlay, in the open sward between wall and legion, and achieved a lasting peace between the Lutins of the north and the cursed peoples of Metamor. The Ghost Horde had arrived.

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