Metamor Reborn

Prince Ovid did not found Metamor Keep, but he did restore the Metamor Valley from a forgotten borderland to a place of prominence and prestige in the Midlands. After driving the lutins and giants from the region, Ovid found that the Valley was the natural place to set up the capital from which he would rule over the Northern Midlands that his father had given to him.


Metamor had existed for millennia upon millennia, probably since the world was created. It was inhabited by primitive humans as early as -4000 CR, who gradually built up a city, a civilization and a kingdom around it over the next few thousand years. That kingdom was destroyed in -567 CR by the Suielman Empire, with the help of a traitor who opened the gates of the Keep. Though the Imperials conquered the inhabitants of Metamor, they were unable to conquer Kyia herself, and she forced them to abandon the castle in short order. Meanwhile, she kept the Lightbringer priests of the Keep safely concealed within the temple chambers, where they managed to hold out until the Imperial army had finished razing the city outside and moved south in search of further conquests. The priests left the Keep and shut the door behind them, asking Kyia to watch over the place and make sure that the Imperials could never make use of it. Kyia promised that she would not open the doors again until a man she deemed worthy came to open them.

Ovid arrives

In 230 CR Prince Ovid's army ventured northwards, accompanied by the Lightbringer cleric Asamir. When they came at last to the doors of Metamor Keep, Ovid's men were unable to open them. Knowing that some sort of curse had long kept anyone from entering the Keep, Ovid summoned his mages to break the enchantment and open the doors. After they had tried and failed countless times in this effort, Asamir approached the young prince and suggested that he, Ovid, attempt to open the doors to Metamor. Asamir knew of the request the Lothanasi had made to Kyia upon their departure, and though he did not say so to Ovid, he considered the prince a man of honor, bravery, justice and dignity. Ovid did as Asamir had suggested, and as the cleric had hoped, the doors opened at the young man's touch. Kyia had found someone worthy of receiving the lordship of Metamor.

The division of the kingdom

Ovid ruled Metamor and the Northern Midlands as a duke under Andrew, King of the Midlands. Upon Andrew's death in 260 CR, the kingdom was split between Ovid and King Lyam, Andrew's successor (and presumably Ovid's brother), and Metamor became truly independent. Unfortunately, later that year Ovid was murdered on his wedding night, passing the new throne to his best friend, Thomas.

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