Future Events for the Lothanasi


Raven writes: "I'm putting all of this here so that my fellow writers can see my intentions for the long term. If anything should ever happen to me and I am unable to finish the story arcs I have begun, at least you'll know how it ends."

708 CR:
April: Merai, Tessa and Rickkter travel to Elvquelin in search of evidence that Lothanas Alarun was responsible for the False Plague. They find the proof that Alarun and four other Lothanasi High Priests have been conspiring with the daedra lords. Rickkter and Tessa escape, but Merai is captured while covering for them.

May: Special operatives from the Whalish Fleet storm the harbor of Elvquelin in order to steal plans to a submersible warship, which Sathmore is building as a counter to Whalish Fire. They are joined by air support from several dragons, including Angernil, as well as volunteers from Metamor and the Northern Midlands, who use the attack as a means of rescuing Merai hin'Dana. Merai escapes from her own crucifixion and Alarun and the other renegade Lothanasi are captured.
The Whalish Fleet departs; the Lothanasi Grand High Temple is defended by dragons against any possible interference with the ensuing heresy trials. With Angernil, Raven and Lycias presiding, Alarun and his co-conspirators are executed as traitors and daedra-worshipers. The Raven and Lycias depart for Metamor with most of the dragons, while Angernil takes Merai to the Mountain of the Sun on a spiritual quest.
The Imperial army marches against Metamor in retaliation for the Whalish raid. The port city of Giftum is looted and burned. Upon crossing the Marchbourne, the Imperials are joined by an expeditionary force from the Midlands under command of Baron Grenier of Lanton, who believes he is under orders from the Holy Father to launch a crusade against the Keep. The two armies maintain an alliance of convenience as they converge on Metamor.
The armies of the Northern Midlands, under Duke Thomas, make a desperate and potentially futile stand against the Imperial and Midlander armies just south of Metamor Ridge. The unexpected arrival of the Elvish army, which has been traveling for weeks in expectation of this conflict, evens the odds, at least until the armies of Lilith sweep down on Metamor Valley from the north.
The battle takes yet another unexpected turn when celestials under the command of the Aedra Lords appear and oppose Lilith's monstrous forces directly. This triggers retaliation by the Daedra Lords, who flood the Valley with fiends to fight the celestials. The mortal combatants are nearly forgotten as the two supernatural armies begin their final battle for control of the Earth.
The apocalypse is ended prematurely by the arrival of Merai, who has learned to wield the powers of the Starchild. In a shocking betrayal, she steals the power of both the Aedra and Daedra Lords, casting them down to walk the Earth like mortals; she then collapses the Axis and casts the celestials and fiends into the Dreamlands, where they can continue their war for eternity without destroying the world. She then channels the stolen divine power into Metamor Keep itself, reducing herself to a mortal again.
June: At Raven's plea, Lightbringer priestess Talia hin'Elric is restored to life by Rickkter, who is now free from the gods' prohibition on the use of his Necromancer abilities. Raven puts Talia in charge of organizing the Lothanasi of the Midlands in the wake of the Order's near-collapse.
Raven hin'Elric and Charles "the Wanderer" Carter are married.
Autumn: Raven sails to Whales, where she and the other surviving High Priests have called a great conference of the faithful. Representatives from every temple in the Order remain in Whales for weeks, choosing the new members who will fill out the High Council. The lower priests then return home shortly before winter, while the new High Council remains in Whales until Spring, revising their theology and debating the new shape of the Lothanasi Order.

709 CR:
Spring: Raven returns home to Metamor. Soon thereafter, Merai and Raven have a bitter quarrel over the future of the Lothanasi. Merai believes that she has experienced a true revelation of the Creator-god and that the Lothanasi should embrace it. Raven and the other High Councilors, have judged that Merai's vision on the Mountain of the Sun was a hallucination caused by her contact with a powerful but incomprehensible divine force; the power itself may have been divine, but the decision to bring about the fall of the gods had been Merai's own. Merai angrily resigns from her position as priestess.
Merai soon finds that half of the Lightbringers want to kill her as a traitor and half want to embrace her as a messiah. Seeking to escape the conflict, she departs from Metamor as one of dozens of pilgrims traveling with Akkala, Velena and Artela, who have decided to travel the world together to bring hope and encouragement to their followers. They know that Merai is with them and help to protect her from potential reprisals by angry Lightbringers, while counting on her presence to discourage any interference by the daedra lords.

710 CR: Priestess Talia hin'Elric discovers a major artifact in the Lightbringer Vault: the Ankh of Lilith, which contains one ninth of her former divine power. Talia takes the Ankh and uses it to exact revenge against Lilith for her long imprisonment in Lilith's soul gem, turning her minions against her and killing her on her own home ground. To the surprise of everyone, Lilith's divine essence then becomes a part of Talia, who finds that she has taken Lilith's place in the Pantheon.
Though her intentions are good, it soon becomes evident that Talia's long imprisonment has unhinged her mind. She leads her followers into several ill-fated wars of expansion and conquest over subsequent years, becoming a bane to Metamor, the Outer Midlands and Quenardya. None of the other fallen gods can act against her directly, but Raven and Rickkter begin working with Samekkh, Velena and Akkala to find a way to heal Talia's diseased mind.

ca. 713 CR: Raven and Merai reconcile. Merai settles down in Salinon with her husband Calvis, and a group of former Lothanasi soon gathers around her. She begins writing down what she has learned from her experiences and compiling the older writings of great Lothanasi teachers and philosophers, which she hopes will give context to the Canticle of Eli to make it understandable and relevant to those of a Lothanasi background who seek to know the Creator. In later years, these compiled writings are bound into a single codex, which serves as a companion volume to the Canticle for Merai's disciples. This book is copied and distributed throughout Galendor, and comes to be known as the Codex of Merai.

720 CR: Samekkh, Velena, Akkala, Rickkter and Raven finally succeed in devising a way to cure Talia's madness. A desperate assault on the heart of her kingdom is launched, and they succeed in snapping her back to sanity. During the battle Dokorath is mortally wounded in battle with Talia and her servants; rather than allow his power to pass to an enemy of Metamor, he asks Rickkter to deliver the coup de grace and take up his mantle as the Lord of War. Rickkter does so. Talia, filled with remorse for her actions, withdraws her armies and makes reparations to the lands she has harmed. She begins to turn her focus toward the practice of "quiet trade", hoping that this economic pursuit will give her servants an outlet for their ambition and competitive natures. The trade syndicate that she creates will eventually prosper and spread throughout the world.

ca. 730 and thereafter: Raven and Charles retire to the village of Anthaly, where they spend the rest of their lives in relative peace and contentment. After Calvis dies in his mid-50s, Merai returns to Metamor at the request of Lothanasa Tessariel. She assists in the training of new Lightbringer initiates and acolytes but refuses to take an active role in the order's leadership as long as Tessa is alive. Merai herself is kept from further aging when Kyia bestows back on her a portion of the power she once relinquished, for Merai has received visions telling her that she has a purpose to fulfill in the distant future.

The Codex of Merai continues to spread. Those who adhere to its teachings begin calling their religion "The Church of St. Merai" and call themselves "Meraists", much to Merai's chagrin. The new religion reveres Merai as the last Prophet of Eli, and Yahshua as the Avatar of Eli (i.e., the god's essence born into mortal form). They also honor the Aedra and Daedra as teachers and exemplars of light and darkness who have been sent to help mortals choose between right and wrong. The new church gains many converts among the former polytheists and some among disgruntled factions of the Ecclesia, and by the middle of the ninth century it has come to be recognized as the largest Rebuilder denomination in the world (though some non-Meraists do not consider it a form of the Way at all, but a new religion entirely).

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