Ecclesia Future

708 CR A new diocese is created for the Northern Midlands. The Bishop will be based in Giftum for two reasons: situated along the Marchbourne River, it allows the Bishop and the priests freer mobility; it also helps prevent the Bishop from being claimed by the curses of Metamor. This last is not done because the curse is seen as vile, but because it allows greater mobility for the Bishop in other lands. The Bishop will not be Metamorian, but will seek to establish good relations with the Follower community at Metamor.

Further, in light of the Starchild events that year, the new Bishop will seek to establish more monasteries/nunneries in his diocese.

709 CR Elvmere is initiated as a Lothanasi priest, though he remains low-key in his new position. He brings counsel to many Lothanasi who feel lost, and especially those who are angered by Merai's decisions. He tries to guide Merai's course, but begins to suspect her of contumacy.

Yesulam had been debating sending Yesbearn knights with the missionaries that are being sent to Lothanasi communities. However, they decide against sending the Yesbearn, and trust instead that the message of Yahshua is sufficient, and most importantly, to be seen as humble.

This does not stop some overzealous Followers from attacking the pockets of Lothanasi that still exist in Kitchlande. Questioners are sent to that country to prevent abuses.

710 CR Patriarch Geshter dies from natural causes. Gavroche of Boreaux is elected as the new Patriarch, the first from Kitchlande. While not altering the position of the Ecclesia on the issue of magic, he does use the definitions to test and expand the list of magical forms that are allowed. (The definition being that any magic that can operate above ground in Yesulam is one blessed by Eli and thus cannot be considered sin to practice unless practiced in a manner that is otherwise sinful).

Elvmere becomes Lothanas of Midtown, though he has an active relationship with the other temples and churches in the Northern Midlands.

711 CR Felsah is sent to Metamor to establish an office of the Questioners in the new diocese. He is kept in Metamor rather than Giftum because he is known to them, and the Keepers think it better if they are able to keep an eye on him.

Follower population in Metamor has doubled by this point. Hough is now one of three Ecclesia priests who offer Service in the Valley. There are another dozen in training, as well as several entering a monastic life in the new monasteries and nunneries established in the diocese.

713 CR Sir Egland's capitular order is officially recognized; Intoran is invested in it, as is Sir Saulius. The order acts to protect the priests and other Followers who travel the roads of the Valley from thieves and brigands, and any monsters that would come into the valley.

The main Matthias home is finished; Charles and his family leave both the Glen and the Keep to live there, though they maintain their homes in both cities.

715 CR Garigan is promoted to the black amongst the Sondeckis. He is the youngest black in several centuries.

Charles jr. begins training as a Dreamwalker under Malger. Erick Mathias begins training as a knight under Sir Saulius.

720 CR In response to the growing movement following Merai, Elvmere publishes an open letter to Merai entitled, "On the Necessity of followers of Yahshua to be in Communion with His Ecclesia, and Warning Against the Dangers of Schism for the Faith." Because of this letter, he is summoned before the Council of Bishops in Yesulam, a body to which he submits without complaint. His work is considered the best apologia for the Ecclesia written by any theologian in more than a century. Because of this, he is offered an opportunity for the excommunication to be lifted, provided he leaves his position in the Lothanasi; though he is given no guarantee that his old position as Bishop would be restored. He agrees. When he returns to his temple, and informs them of what has come about, and why he agreed, two thirds of his community follows him into the Ecclesia.

730 CR By this point,copyists have begun promulgating Elvmere's treatise, which helps prevent the Meraists or the Rebuilders from gaining influence in traditionally Ecclesia regions. Because of these efforts, by the opening of the eleventh century, the Ecclesia remains the overwhelming majority faith in the Southlands, and also the predominant faith in Galendor.

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