Death Of Akabaieth

Patriarch Akabaieth was assassinated in Metamor Valley in October of 706 CR only a day after departing from Metamor Keep. This event has significant consequences for the balance of power in Galendor.


In ancient times, Metamor Keep was the center of the Lothanasi faith. Patriarch Akabaieth had long possessed a goal of fostering peace between the Ecclesia and the Lothanasi, and while he knew his advanced age and political tensions made it impossible for him to visit Sathmore, the new center of the Lothanasi, he could visit Metamor Keep. As a symbol, it would be impossible to miss, and it gave him an opportunity to bring this land that had become hated and feared back into normal relations with the rest of the world.

However, there were many, some even in the Ecclesia, who had no desire for peace with the Lothanasi. Bishop Jothay divulged the itinerary of Akabaieth's plans Zagrosek with fatal consequences.

Akabaieth's Visit

Patriarch Akabaieth's visit to Metamor and his subsequent assassination are chronicled in the tale 'Liturgy of Blood' by Charles Matthias. When Akabaieth first arrived at Metamor he was greeted skeptically by the majority Lothanasi population; the Follower population was enthusiastic, for this was an opportunity for their lives to be validated by the head of their faith. Akabaieth spent much time learning of the wonders of Metamor, and met many of its citizens in one-on-one encounters. He also did something no Ecclesian Patriarch had ever done before: he met with a Lothanasa on her grounds. Akabaieth's conversation with Raven hin'Elric was considered by both to be productive, though Raven was dubious as to how much Akabaieth could hope to do.

Akabaieth gave only one public speech to Metamor, and it was a rousing success. By the time that Akabaieth left, even fervent Lothanasi were singing his praises.

The Assassination

On the first night out from Metamor, Zagrosek descended upon Akabaieth's camp with the intent of slaughtering everyone. Wessex learned of his plans and warned the Metamorians who immediately set out to rescue Akabaieth. However, they were too late. When they arrived, they found only three survivors, Bishop Vinsah, the Yeshuel Kashin, and the knight Sir Egland. Both Vinsah and Egland were seriously injured and needed to be flown back to Metamor for healing. Akabaieth was found on the other side of the road with a jeweled Sathmoran blade driven through his chest.

Two words of comfort for this sad event. Akabaieth had faced his killed without fear. In fact, he had deliberately tried to delay him that the Metamorians might have a better chance of capturing him; he was not in the least worried whether or not they could save him. And the second is that Akabaieth's lifelong wish to join the ranks of the Whalish Navy were granted posthumously as he was buried at Sea in the manner of an officer of Whales.


The full import of Akabaieth's death would take many years to be felt, and it would unfold in strange ways. The immediate aftermath involved a group of Questioners being sent to Metamor to learn the truth. Tensions already strained were made worse, and in the next year there were no less than two incursions into Sathmore made by troops loyal to the Ecclesia. Akabaieth's death would set back the goal of peaceful relations between the faiths for many years.

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