The Battle of the Three Gates

The Battle

Sometime in late 699CR, Nasoj marched on Metamor after quickly and systematically destroying both Dark Keep (then Blackhorne Keep), the last major line of defense north of Metamor, along with everything else in his path. As his forces attacked Metamor, Nasoj worked with a group of highly powerful mages to construct a spell that would subdue the defenders in one strike. This method of distraction was successful, and the Curse was cast over all human inhabitants of the Keep. Some were made animals, others were reduced to babes, and the gender of the last group was changed. The result was utter chaos; none of the three groups of Cursed Keepers could fight back. As the forces of Nasoj entered the walls, however, a group of Metamoran mages successfully turned the Curse back partway, leaving the animals once more humanoid and able to think rationally, the babes returned to 12 or 13 years of age, and the bodies of those whose gender had changed far more normal, though still of the opposite gender. The restored Keepers were enraged, and successfully defeated the surprised invaders. The Battle was won. The Curse, however, remained.

After the Battle, the Curse changed. Where it had originally changed all of the Keep's inhabitants immediately, it now transforms unaffected people within two weeks of their arrival in the Keep's Valley. This residual effect of the Curse has caused Metamor to be cut off from the rest of the world in many ways, as few are willing to risk the Curse themselves.


The following members of Metamor are confirmed to have been present in Metamor Valley for the battle:

Thomas Magus Thalberg Posti
Altera Loriod Pascal Quiz Copernicus
Mark van Sciver Christopher Raven Jon
Murikeer Llyn Phil Lindsey
Electra Jack DeMule Misha Elliot
Laracin Dan D'Alimonte Wessex Kayla
Brian Avery Walter Levins Annette Levins Cerulean

The following people, who all lived in Metamor Valley before 706 CR, are confirmed not to have been present in Metamor Valley for the battle:

Wanderer Charles Matthias Malger Saroth
Zhypar Fox Cutter Bryan Brian Coe
Goldmark Hector Phillips Gregor Nahum
Tallis George Rupert Saulius


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This event, though highly integral to the setting as a whole, is also subject to some debate. Due to the fact that the Universe Founder's first story took place around six years after the event, it has been an area of much debate. Wanderer's Malvoisin is an early attempt to put the events into a cohesive whole, but the accuracy of the story is questioned at points. Its general outline is still used as a basis for most current ideas about the Battle, however. Below are some subjects of debate, along with possible explanations.

The Gates

There has been a series of revisions and debates as to the actual location of the Gates, or whether they indeed had any effect on the three manifestations of the Curse. Below are various matter related to the Gates that are open to discussion.

Regarding the Curse

While it is usually accepted that the Three Gates were somehow linked to the various Curses, the canon location of some characters in story, as well as the presence of mingled Curses, suggests a that there may have to be another explanation. Below are a few theories regarding this.

Variable Geometry and the Curse (LurkingWolf)

The Curses were cast on each of the three gates leading from the outer curtain walls to the upper keep. From the outer gate through the Killing grounds was the animal Curse, explaining the majority of that Curse because most soldiers were there. The inner wall and the second gate are a gray are between animal and gender (possibly explaining Pascal), and the lower keep was gender. The wall and gate to the upper keep form the gray area between gender and the third Curse, but the variable geometry of the upper keep somehow mixed the magics in the third area. While it is mostly the age Curse, the geometry caused patches of the other Curses to show up in the upper Keep (Note I pinched the variable geometry idea from IRC discussion.).

Regarding the Location of the Gates

The location of the Gates has also been subjected to a bit of debate over the years. Originally, a few people implied that the Three Gates were three different entrances to the Keep, and this gave the Keep a triangular shape. While it is generally agreed that there is no such shape to the Keep now, there is still debate as to where the Gates really are. Below are some theories regarding this.

The Linear Plan (LurkingWolf)

The location of the Three Gates is suggested by this map:


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The first gate is on the right side of the map, facing south towards Euper. The second gate is across the Killing Grounds, the last line of defense between the enemy and the lower Keep. The last, and most important gate, lies between the lower Keep and the upper Keep. The areas bounded by these gates would also be the sections of the Curse (See "Variable Geometry and the Curse" above).

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