Tundra Mole

A large, furless creature the size of an elephant but only rarely seen. They live below the permafrost level in the far north, tunneling slowly along in search of food. They are omnivorous, and will eat whatever they can find or catch unawares. Generally they are slow moving, contenting themselves with the abundant succulent roots just below the surface of the soil. Occasionally they will sit in wait along animal runs and spring forth with amazing speed to capture a passing elk or reindeer. The will also eat what carrion they come across, consuming the entire carcass and leaving nothing behind save a mound of disturbed earth.

They are generally not found very far south except in winter, for anything over 50 degrees Fahrenheit would quickly kill them.

In appearance they are huge mole-like beasts with powerful, short limbs tipped with huge claws for digging. Along their shoulders and spine are long spikes used for moving through the earth. Their heads are broad and flattened, with 'barbels' around the muzzle that sense the world around their heads. They are utterly blind, using an acute sense of smell and highly evolved sense of touch to understand their surroundings. They can also create low frequency rumbles and use these sounds as a variant of sonar.

Lutins generally avoid any place where a Mole may be feeding as they are little more than prey for the beasts.

On occasion, powerful human mages will entrap a mole and use it to turn the land so that they may build upon it, or to raze the buildings of enemies. Eventually, though, this overwork proves fatal to them.

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