Average Height & Weight: Height is measured to the shoulder. 4ft (male) 4ft,5in (female). 110lbs(male) 150lbs(female)

Basic description: The Tened were an intelligent, reptilian race. Once thought to be at a stone age level of technology but at least one piece of metal jewelry has been found. Known to have used magic but how much is uncertain.

Random Notes: A lot about the Tened is unknown but a recently discovered document has shed some light on these fascinating people.

Lifespan: All else being equal, a Tened could expect to live for about the same amount of time as a human.

Family & Children: An average clutch had two eggs. Females were fertile once a year in the late winter months. Incubation was approx 115 days. The Tened nuclear family amounted to the parents, their un-mated adult children, and juveniles.

Though females were only fertile once a year, Tened were sexually active throughout the year. Tened were dinosaurs, not mammals, so there was no milk for hatchlings to be weaned from. The chicks transitioned from regurgitated food to solid when the child was four months old.

Society: Decentralized. While the various tribes/packs were in near constant communication with each other via the network of Perches, no one tribe could say that it ruled over others. he Tened were most certainly matriarchal both in the family and in tribal governance. The primary qualification to sit on a tribe's Brood Matron's Perch was to have hatched and raised no less than three clutches to adulthood.

Art & Writing: Their favorite form of artistic composition was the mosaic. Their works could be made from ceramic tiles, scraps of cloth, or even the arrangement of the written word. What mattered was many many small pieces of beauty and truth coming together to create an even greater expression of truth and beauty.

Religion: Eli was the only god they knew, but they did not worship Him like Followers or Rebuilders do. They did not sing songs of praise or make offerings at the altar. To them, worship was leading a just and good life. They gave praise to Eli not by singing hymns, but by striving towards an ever greater understanding of the world's secrets. Each tidbit of lore that they uncovered was an affirmation of Eli's magnificence.

Magic: We have only sketchy information on their magic. But they are believed to have used Alchemy, healing, and necromancy were the schools of magic that they were the most skilled in. The one confirmed piece of Tened magic is an amulet that changes the wearer into the form of a Utahraptor complete with massive claws and razor sharp teeth. It is believed that this might be a older, ancestral form of the Tened themselves. In much the same way that Homo erectus is an earlier ancestor of humans. But this is unconfirmed at this time.

What happened to them? The Tened are believed to be extinct for reasons unknown but there are persistent rumors of sightings. The most important animal in their day to day lives was the kharrakhaz(triceratops). The beasts were both vital draft animal and staple of the Tened diet. When the Tened went extinct so did the kharrakhaz.

What Remains: The ruins of at least one Tened settlement is known to be in the Metamor valley but it has not been fully excavated yet. It is assumed that they lived in Metamor Keep at some point in time but no trace has yet been found and Kyia has kept such secrets to herself.

The Standing Stone:There is one known piece of Tened construction left although no one knows this at the present time. Located in Metamor Valley the Standing Stone is also called the Gray column, and the Stone Sentry. It is a dark gray column of stone over twenty feet tall. It stands in a small grove of trees in a park like setting a mile or so from the Keep. The stone bears no writing or inscriptions but shows clear signs of having been deliberately carved into it’s present shape and then erected there. It has no magic in it except for a faint preservation spell that is regularly renewed by a mage from the Keep. The columns exact age is unknown to anyone at the present Some say it’s as old as the Keep itself. but think it was most likely it was erected by the tribesmen who lived in the valley for millennia before the Suielman arrived. The local farmers consider it sacred and tend it carefully. On the spring equinox people do gather around the column for a day of singing and dancing. Now a days it is simply a festival for the hard working locals to relax and enjoy themselves but in the far past it was probably a serious religious festival. The column is one of the few standing elements left of the Tened.

Snake Mound: Located near Hareford are a series of artificially created mounds. One is known to be shaped like a long, coiling snake. There exact age and purpose is unknown but some believe them to be Tened in creation. The truth of this remains to be confirmed or disproved.

First appearance in a story: "Hoof and Claw" by Jon Sleeper.

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