The Silkie are a race of Seal people. They look VERY much like a Seal based Keeper when they are in their natural form. They possess the ability to take on 3 forms; Human, seal and a Seal-morph form that is indistinguishable from a seal Keeper in morph form. Known to use magic. Fairly peaceful people but well capable of defending themselves. Little is known about them.

Legends speak of the Silkie once having been human and being cursed or blessed (depending on the story being told) with being seal like. Famous as shapeshifters. Tales tell of them luring men into the sea to drown. Others tell of Silkie's taking a human mate. Several famous sailors in history have claimed Silkie ancestry but only Admiral Thernaxus (184CR to - 268CR ) is confirmed as such. His ability to take the form of seal is well known in many legends.

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