Name: Sabercat, also called Sabertooth tiger or Smilodon Fatalis
Description: A fully-grown Smilodon weighed approximately 120 to 1,100 lb, depending on species. It had a short tail, powerful legs, muscular neck and long canines. Smilodon was more robustly built than any modern cat, comparable to a bear. The lumbar region of the back was proportionally short, and the lower limbs were shortened relative to the upper limbs in comparison with modern pantherine cats, suggesting that Smilodon was not a very fast runner and would have had immense strength in its forequarters.
Habitat: ? possibly the giantdowns

Also called the ghost tiger. Exact information on this creature is extremely hard to come by. The more reliable eyewitness testimony describe what can only be a Sabertooth cat most likely Smilodon Fatalis - the sabertooth tiger. Considered by some to be a legend. Some believe the tales of this creature are leftover from the distant past when the Smilodon was known to exist all over the planet. The species was believed to have gone extinct over 12,000 years ago. There is just enough testimony to think that in the Giantdowns the species of cat found a final refuge from extinction. The continued existence of the Dire Wolf lends credence to the idea. There is enough evidence that the species will be declared Extremely Endangered in 996 CR.

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